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[REQUEST] Taken TX3 (LGS Prime 3C) - UDMA+HDD size 128/137GB
Motherboard Make/Model: Taken TX3 (LGS Prime 3C)
Bios Version You Want Modding: -
Link To Official Bios Download: (original not modded)

Hello all,

I could find a modded BIOS here but sadly, it fixed only the HDD size not the UDMA:

Hope someone can fix both for me  Angel

=> Patcher can make support of big HDD (up to 137 Gb) with fixing "UDMA"-problem (HDD UDMA66/100/133 on only_UDMA33 MB)

3. UDMA mode limitation
In the older Award BIOSes was the HDD set to highest supported mode, it was not problem when only UDMA33 HDDs were produced, but later problem arised: HDD was programmed to e.g. 66 MHz and chipset maximum was 33 MHz, the result was unreliable operation. There are some solutions, switch off UDMA in BIOS setup at all, or use special program supplied by HDD manufacturer and switch off ATA/66 support. Better way is to implement this directly into the BIOS code. FYI:
UDMA mode 2 = ATA/33
UDMA mode 4 = ATA/66
UDMA mode 5 = ATA/100
UDMA mode 6 = ATA/133

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