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[REQUEST] Unlocking Vaio PhoenixBIOS R0174J3
Hello sharkonholiday & mhetru,

I have already unlocked this BIOS in the past. Here is a link to it.


If you have flashed my modified BIOS image and found it to be useful, please consider making a donation. Thank you. Smile Donate Here Sml6397 | MDL: ArcticFreeze | StevenL
www find
thank you so much
my search doesn't find it

It's possible update bios R0172J3 to this version directly without update bios to original R0174J3? My problem is that I can't update to original R0174J3 because program provided by Sony doesn't works with windows 10.

By other side, i don't know how to boot from USB. In my Bios version, only appear this options:

Internal Optical Drive
Floppy Disk Drive
Internal hard Disk Drive

Any idea?

Thanks in advace,
Hello there. My English is not good.

I have a fe21h laptop. Bios: R0174J3
Bios link:

Does the modified bios on this link fit me?

I want to install 4gb ram and t7200.
Hi, thank you for intresting posts. I Have a VAIO VGN-FE28H and i try to upgrade RAM from 2 to 4 GB but Vaio reboot Continuously after bios logo. My Vaio Bios is R0174J3.
Can I use this mod Bios also for FE28H?
Thank you
Hi, I own an old VAIO VGN FE31B and flashed successfully the modified BIOS, however the CPU control menu is empty, all the other things are fine, and thanks for the work done. Is there anything I can do to make something appear? That was my 1st BIOS flashing and I was scared like [censored] lol, my VAIO is stock hardware configuration, with Intel Core 2 Duo T5500 and 1 GB RAM DDR2, 80 GB HDD and Nvidia GeForce Go 7400
Sony VGN FE670g OS windows 7 32bit
Current bios version, Phoenix RO174J3
Trying to add new life to good old laptop
Would like ACHI mod enabled and 4gb of memory as well
Tried to back up bios with phlash16 from here to submit but got an error message.
Have used phlash16 before without problems. Any help would be appreciated.

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