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[REQUEST] asus rog strix scar 2 - bios 309,310 locking undervolt issue
Huh - I have a problem recently with a bios update from ASUS for ASUS ROG STRIX Scar 2 laptops. I own Intel i7-8750h processor with nvidia gtx 1060(Notebook) GPU. Recently i was using undervolt on my machine with the help of throttlestop software which all wnent invalid after the new bios update. Any help here could be great. I have attached the 309 file from the ASUS site for GL704GM model.[attachment=22603]

I could only thinking two methods to activate Throttlestop.

(1) Back to old version bios ,then think a way to disable Windows Update to update bios automatically. Then you will keep the Throttlestop active.

(2) Disable "CFG Lock" and "Overclocking Lock" in the bios ,and try to activate Throttlestop. These options were hidden ,you have to unlock them.

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Ok to clarify on the 1st suggestion - I have rolled back to 309 and also stoped the update. My version of bios is still at 309. So that is already taken care. As for point 2 - i am way new to this concept of bios editing. Still i found a online resource called AMIBCP64.exe which helped me to identify those 2 locks, overlocking feature, ram profile, enabled xtu interface by updating all the values. With it i have updated the values. Now my biggest worry is if i use winflash and flash the attached file will it brick my laptop or as a experienced resourcce you have some other suggestion. Please help to review the modified file for me and confirm on a method i should follow. I will attach the original and the modded here. And if you have any safety instructions before attempting such risking things as backup plan then please do tell it also bro. Your suggestions are very much apprecciated. And also noted your modded bios list didnt have ASUS ROG STRIX SCAR 2 GL704GM model in it. Any specific reasons for not modding it? [attachment=22607 Wrote:genius239 pid='184134' dateline='1629297156']@saiyanprinz

I could only thinking  two methods  to activate Throttlestop.

(1)  Back to old version bios  ,then think a way to disable Windows Update to update  bios automatically.  Then you will keep the Throttlestop active.

(2) Disable "CFG Lock" and "Overclocking Lock" in the bios ,and try to activate Throttlestop. These options were hidden  ,you have to unlock them.

AMIBCP can't mod it completely ,i can help you out to do it. First update bios to you need version ,then make a bios dump with this tool then attach file.

I ever modified bios for this gl704gm ,as i found it on my mail.
Some users disappear forever and no message after i did a unlocked mod for them ,so i can't get any screenshots and resonse. I hate people such as these guys.

'I've made hundreds modifications for ASUS 8th and 9th gen laptops ,so you don't worry about it.

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oh ok, bro. I will read about extracting dump with the tool you shared and then give you the file for your processing. If it works for me I am grateful for your help.
So using your tool i extracted and attached the zip file of the current bios v309 of ASUS GL704GM model strix rog laptop. I am using this 70% for gaming and 30% for work. But i want to optimize overall system in terms of additional features that can help undervolting and overclocking as and when needed. For now i studied about blocked undervolting feature and xmp profiles. A bit on overclocking. So i would like to ask of you to help unlock all features you usually do for bios specially for gaming. In future will run additional OS too via usb stick booting option so any settings you find locked please unlock it. I also want to learn from you best practice before flashing the copy you will share to be on safer end to avoid any unforseen bricking event. As i understand mostly it will work 95% but there is 5% chance regardless how efficient and safe we are. so any suggestions on that directions is greatly appreciated bro. Thanks for teaching.

Attached Files
.zip (Size: 6.72 MB / Downloads: 5)
1. Laptop platform can't overclock processor.

2. Only suggest you do cpu undervolt by Throttlestop or Intel XTU at ASUS 8th or 9th gen laptop ,don't directly tune it in the bios. Because it might cause the undervolt crash ,the information were from many user's feedback.

3. As long as you follow my instruction to install modded ,100% can successful re-flash the mod.

Mod was done.

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hi again genius. here to report that the mod you did for my bios which allowed me to undervolt more than -80mv works perfect. i was able to undervolt to -105mv before it crashed. thanks and i really appreciate it? ?

Yes , -105mv is also a safe value for cpu undervolt. Yesterday ,a g712lws user respond to me that he can keep the temperature will not higher than 85 degree by -105mv undervolt.

ASUS 10th gen laptop can directly tune undervolt value in the bios ,it's very safe ,as long as you don't tune it too low.
But 8th and 9th gen only suggest do undervolt via Throttlestop or Intel XTU ,don't do it in the bios ,because of the undervolt crash.

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bro my cpu runs very hot. i did a cinebench r20 test and still reached 93c even with an -105mv. i've been trying to undervolt more but keeps crashing. after researching i came across unclewebbs post on techpowerup. he says you cant undervolt the cpu cache so much but u can undervolt the core voltage more. in my bios i dont have seperatre options for undervolt. if i undervolt the voltage offset in bios, it automatically applies the undervolt for the cpu cache as well. is there any solution to this? hope to hear from u soon regarding this.

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