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[Removed] HP DV7-4169wm Insyde F.27 Wifi/WWAN Whitlelist Removal Request
Hello, I own an HP DV7-4169wm with an AMD Phenom II X3 CPU and am requesting a Wifi/WWAN whitelist removal Mod.
Bios manf: Insyde
Bios Revision: F.27
Bios Filename:0143FF27.bin
Bios Download Link: sp52619
PCI ID's of original card:

RSA signed: Yes, judging from the 01 at the beginning of the .bin filename
Thank you in advance for your help.
I also fully plan to test the modded bios once a download link. Also, for those who didnt bother looking, the sp52619 is hyperlinked to the HP bios download site. I also am fully informed and away of the implications of a modded RSA signed bios.
Thank you.
atlas why are you wasting your time, do you not know how to search? User kbhaze has modded the bios in question check the link Im pming him and maybe you should too, and request his modded bios or just follow the directions and do it yourself.
Yeah I sent him a PM. I would do it myself but I cant get a version of Andy's Tool. If you know where I can find it then I would be more than happy to do it and send it to you as well.
Ok, so I have modded the BIOS using Andy's Tool and now I just need to get my hands on a patched iscflash.dll so that I can run InsydeFlash.exe and flash the bios. Any help patching said file would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry for late reply, been busy.

You can use mine as is, whitelist removed for all cards, or use the dll inside it to flash your own mod, as you wish Wink

If you decide to use mine, remember to come back and tell us how good it worked Smile

BIOS REPOSITORY.Please consider donating (me or forum) if you like my work.
Please remember to come back and leave feedback. I hate leech and disappear thing.

Nice day.
After trying multiple times to flash the new bios it has been unsecessful. For whatever reason it just says that the bios update has failed after it restarts and begins the flashing process. I tried using both the version of the mod you provided me with, and the one that i made and neither worked. Something else might be going on here. Any ideas?
Remove hptools partition before flashing. And read the sticky threads Smile

BIOS REPOSITORY.Please consider donating (me or forum) if you like my work.
Please remember to come back and leave feedback. I hate leech and disappear thing.

Nice day.
oh, duh... haha, i just read that and could have sworn that i did. I swear that i am retarded sometimes. lol
Great, I am now using my Intel Centrino 6300 Ultimate-N card connected to my access point on the 5 GHz band. Thank you for your help.
Thanks for this camiloml!

Quick question, are these bios are RSA signed because I would like to know if unlocking advanced menu would be an option. Thanks for the upload!

I flashed my DV7-4267CL and everything looks good. Im just waiting for my 6230 card to come in so I can test. I will report with an update
Im trying to figure out how to give you + rep

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