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[Request] Samsung Series 7 Slate PC

Have you also tried to change the "Default to User" as described below?

[...]Under setup configuration click on advanced. Find the column that starts with Thermal Configuration. Double click the Access/Use parameter and change it from Default to USER. Expand the Advanced Folder and Click on the Thermal Configuration Folder. The second line down labelled thermal configuration change the Access/Use parameter to User as well. Save this file and flash it, go into your bios and go under the advanced menu, you will notice you can now go into the thermal config and enable BD-PROCHOT or disable it as you wish. You can also enable other hidden bios menus such as CPU configuration and Power & Performance by following the same steps as above for the respective menu. I am sorry if I am terrible at explaining stuff, hands on person here always been terrible at communication![...]

thanks so much, Valkyrie. I also noticed that you posted this issue in MDL. I will probably have better luck with getting the bios to show the graphics configuration menu once you figure it out. If there's anything that I can do on my end to help, please let me know. I know I have a different computer, but maybe I can help somehow.
I recently purchased the slate 7 and ran some of my favorite games on it (Bad Company 2) and it was quite laggy. So I thought that I might have maxed out the mobile hd 3000, however I was running the itunes vizualizer (lagily) with gpu-z rnning in the background and noticed somathing in particular. The clock speed on the hd 3000 was only spiking at 1150 mhz very rarely, but not maintaining a constant clock speed. This got me thinking if the higher clock speed could be maintained the mobile hd 3000 could be put to use on some more modern games like BC2. This is because I have seen normally clocked hd 3000 IGPU's running BC2 at normal frames per second. Now maybe this is an issue that intel needs to address with a driver update or could be fixed by a bios mod. Overclocking this IGPU to 1500mhz sounds awsome and I would be up for such an adventure.

Recently, the bios modding of the samsung slate 7 has been over look and I think it needs some real attention because this compact, mobile device holds some real potential never before seen.

Perhaps if there were some peice of software that could trick the hd 3000 into turbo boost mode we could see a great amount of performance increase and those WEI scores go upwardsSmile

Hope this gets some attention I will be posting this everywhere I can, thanks!
I know this is old but did you guys get this BIOS unlocked? I have the same laptop and would like to unlock
This is, of course, necroposting, but just in case I will leave here a modified version of "13FW" (Suddenly it will be useful to someone). I unlocked all the main tabs in the menu and marked the original tabs with the letter "S".
Just in case, a warning: I do not know if the bios versions differ for different versions of Samsung Series 7 Slate, but this version was made on XE700T1A-A04RU, so everything is at your own risk.
[Image: FHuGks.jpg][Image: HUovFT.jpg]

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