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[Request] Sony Vaio VGC-JS110J
Hiya, I'm looking for information on modding AMI Bios' or help "un-dumb-ifying" this All-in-one's BIOS. 
It's old, I know ; It's pre Aptio/EFI so, AMIbcp is of no help to me; I wish.
Ultimately I want all available modules' settings available.
  • Updated CPU microcode, if available for CPUID 01067A
  • Possible updated VBIOS, removal of nvidia OPROM (It seems to have it despite that chip not being present on the motherboard.)
  • Change machine type if applicable to non-portable. Windows sees its display as a "mobile pc display" and doesnt give the option to control it's brightness
  • Enable AHCI option, Not sure which ROM to add. I have two.
  • Maybe SLIC update from 2.0
  • Removal of BIOS splash, display all messages during post
Model: Sony Vaio VGC-JS110J
Bios Version: R0204T4 12/14/2009 American Megatrends Inc.
(Bios version seems to be shared among many Vaio AIOs of the same age, so it may be able to be used with others.)
Link to official bios download:
It's a PIA to collect, extracting the EXE gets garbage files, it's packed twice. See below.
Link to extracted ROM file:

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