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SLIC Help/Guide
again I was out there and didn't find what i need so I have to ask here: we need a comprehensive "How to insert SLIC into Bios Guide for noobs"

so I'll start with a "How NOT to do it"
please correct me at any point, I have no idea at all

1. I own an AMI Aptio IV
    ->using MMTool resulted in an error of the UEFI header checksums so don't use it

2. UEFITool seems to be appropriate for everyone
   ->localize your ACPI-pointers
      ->in my case it's inside the module "AmiBoardInfo"

3. extract only the body
   -> UEFITool will fix the header later when replacing the body

4. find DSDT via HexEditor

5. add 176h to the length of DSDT (bytes 5 and 6)
   ->structure is described here:

6. add your SLIC at the end of the DSDT
   (-> maybe fix the checksum of DSDT but my SLIC had '0' checksum anyway)

7. replace module in UEFITool

I did flash this as described and bricked

I'm able to recover by flashing the bios chip over SPI with an RaspberryPi but everyone else should NOT TRY

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