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SP51485.exe AKA F.65 REV A [Confirmed] HP G60 / Compaq Presario CQ60 & pre-2011 HP
As Google was less than helpful for me I figured I'd provide what I discovered in a more comprehensive post. When I was searching I couldn't find this information located in a single location and I saw a lot of repeat requests as recently as 6 months ago on these computers that didn't provide any actual useful responses. If people did eventually find what they were looking for they didn't say so. Alternatively, some were from so far back that they only contained dead links so all attachments that need to be downloaded that have been provided in this post are listed as being internal to If in the future an external site gets removed there is a chance it may still be archived in

This information is for computers running or capable of running the HP SP51485.exe F.65 Rev. A (HP website posted date of Jan 10, 2011/Insyde will read a BIOS date of 12/15/2010). If you go to the HP site look up your computer and this is the final BIOS offered this post is for you. There are some subcategories of the G50, G60, G70, CQ50, CQ60, CQ70 lines that this will not work with so check the most recent SP number not just the F number. The main reason for the disclaimer is the HP Pavilion 14, 15 & the Pavilion G5, G6, G7 went through a more recent F.65 REV A and F.65 and these computers were available as early as Feb 2011 so there is a surprising amount of overlap in the posts. As well as the HP listed families from the HP Release Notes seems to indicate it covers all models in this group and it is known that certain models do not use this BIOS.

So if you're running HP SP51485 F.65 Rev A which show up as F.65 in the Insyde BIOS these should work for you.

This is not a full unlock but may be a reasonable work around, because lets face it if you're like me on this site with a 6+ year old computer it's not likely because you're on the bleeding edge of technology and if posts I found for these computers are any indication you are likely just looking to upgrade to something like a SSD or checking CPU compatibility and then you'll likely not return to this site. If you have the time/interest in a more extensive workaround and enjoy playing around in code check out Donovan6000's blog.

Access to the Advanced tab by replacing the Diagnostics tab from Flash file named
It came originally from Donovan6000 who is still active on this forum and if you used their code I'm sure they would appreciate the donation.
The post was for a CQ60 which runs the same HP SP51485 F.65 REV A and I can confirm it runs without incident on my G60-519WM.

WiFi / WWAN Whitelist Removal from Flash file named sp51485_NWL_ByCamiloml.exe is also valid for this BIOS. It came from searching for a file name referenced in a dead link that lead me to the Whitelist Repository by the user Camiloml, who appears to no longer be active of the forum as of Aug 2013.

The most recent stock HP BIOS SP51485 F.65 REV A already comes loaded with SLIC Ver 2.1, along with any of these mods, so if you need the HP SLP certificate to do a Windows 7 install you can use that download or just follow the instructions from HP's Forum on How to Install Windows 7 Without the Disc. As a side note you probably don't want to update to Windows 8 with these computers, if that is your goal, as the HP Forums are littered with driver compatibility issues after the upgrade.

It seems that at one point in time there may have been other alternatives but they were housed externally to and are no longer available. I also can't find a record of any full or partial BIOS access that also included Whitelist removal in one single Flash.

As a side note the advanced tab does have the BIOS number lock that I was looking for, you just have to dig around for it.

For ease of searching the following information is included for this BIOS

I'm including the range that's included according to the HP Release Notes, but I know there are exceptions.
Compaq Presario CQ50
Compaq Presario CQ60
Compaq Presario CQ70
HP G50 Notebook
HP G60 Notebook
HP G70 Notebook

When I was getting the info to upgrade I've personally I've double checked it for most of the
CQ60-200 Notebooks
G60-200 Notebooks
G60-500 Notebooks

I came across requests from the following models relating to this BIOS. If you have one of the models listed below it's still your responsibility to double check through HP which BIOS version you should be using in case the original member who asked the question was wrong about which BIOS they had.

. sp48758.exe F.63 A (HP posted date of 05-2010)
. sp46187.exe F.61 A (HP posted date of 11-2009)
. sp45070.exe F.52 A (HP posted date of 09-2009)
Thanks a lot for this!
Nice work my friend Wink !!!

Attached Files
.rar   sp51485_NWL_ADV.rar (Size: 3.13 MB / Downloads: 6)
.rar   sp51485_SLIC_NWL_ADV.rar (Size: 3.13 MB / Downloads: 18)

[size=undefined]Your Brain [/size]. . . . It's the best tool U can use ! Wink
[size=undefined]Don't FLASH the Bios Mod if You get a Size Alert, You risk a Brick !!! [/size]
Donate to me for my work, click here BDM
Working fine on CQ60-615DX
Advanced options is a great idea.
Can i use this for my Compaq Presario CQ60-270EG?
I would have the Advanced Option.
Ok, i have test it, NO RISK NO FUN, but it works fine Big Grin
(11-20-2016, 02:46 AM)Snack Wrote: Thanks!
Working fine on CQ60-615DX
Advanced options is a great idea.

Newbie user here, also with a CQ60-615DX.

I can't find a download link for the BIOS described above with both the Advanced tab and no whitelist.  Was it an attachment at one time?  Or am I supposed to apply one BIOS then another?  

or is there a tool I should use to apply patches to the original F.65 BIOS?

(02-23-2017, 11:49 AM)Chrischii Wrote: Ok, i have test it, NO RISK NO FUN, but it works fine Big Grin

Hi, please where can i find a download link for this BIOS?
In this page i see only the Donovan6000 bios download link (advanced tab and no whitelist) and the Camilloml bios download link (whitelist and no advanced tab) but not the thunderbird1956 bios with both of these.

Please someone could also tell me if this bios contains QX9300 microcode?
I would like to try one of these.

Thank you!
I have down loaded the file sp51485_NWL_ByCamiloml.exe. Pls advise if it will fix the 104 message? The following is what I have.

HP G60-554CA Notebook PC

BIOS F.65 Rev. A

File name: sp51485.exe (3.9 MB)

Release date:Jan 10, 2011
(03-30-2015, 12:06 PM)BDMaster Wrote: Nice work my friend Wink !!!

Worked on my HP G60 but I set something in the advanced settings now My laptop screen is black tried bios reset no go is there any way to recover the bios or default current bios? HP no longer supports this laptop so I cant get the F.65 bios from them to create a recovery USB flash drive can anyone help?

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