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[TUTORIAL] Fujitsu Esprimo LGA775 CPU Microcode Update
I have tested this method on few different motherboard models.

You can run Intel Core2 Duo Processor E8400 on Fujitsu d2840 A1 motherboard for example.

  1. You have to just find another similar motherboard which support your new CPU. I choose D2950.
  2. Download bios for both motherboards from:
  3. Copy two files from newer MB: P6_INTEL.ALL and P6_INTEL.TXT and replace in your correct bios.
  4. Flash the bios with switch /p6
    bioflash.exe /p6
Other switches for bioflash:
Flash Memory Update Utility, V2.76                
Copyright (c) 2009 Fujitsu Technology Solutions

Installs a new System BIOS in the Flash Memory
or archives the current BIOS and CMOS configuration.

BIOFLASH filename.OMF | filename.OCF | filename.ENC <options>
 filename.OMF   BIOS image, BIOS module or CMOS update file
 filename.OCF   Packed BIOS image update file
 /ARCHIVE       Create archive files of BIOS and CMOS
 /AUTO          Search for a suitable BIOS OMF-file in current directory
 /CAUTO         Search for a suitable CMOS OMF-file in current directory
 /CMOS          Create a cmos archive file: Cxxxx_xx.OMF
 /INFO          Display system and BIOS information
 /NORESET       No reset after flash device is programmed
 /U             Update only if installed BIOS is out-of-date
 /Y             Answer 'YES' in advance to any prompt
 /KEY()         Use a specific key for encrypted files
 /NOP6          No implicit auto-update for CPU microcode patch area
 /P6            Explicit auto-update for CPU microcode patch area
/P6() Insert any microcode, independent of the installed CPU
/X16MB(n) Force bioflash.exe to move its buffers in memory n*16MB
avoid collisions with RAMDRIVE, LAN remote boot etc.
/MODULE(X, YY) Module update X=PtlClass(ascii) YY=AbgClass(hex)
/NOAPI Use the Bioflash plug-in file instead of BIOS API

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tried it on my e5915 and it flashed succesfully , but when i changed the cpu it didnt boot and the fan started speeding up . I wanted to use a e8400

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