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[Toshiba Satellite A300-1ED] [CPU Upgrade] [BIOS MOD]
Toshiba Satellite A300-1ED BIOS MOD need help.

I upgraded original CPU (T2390) to new (Q9100). 
I know chipset GM965 doesn't support 1066 MHZ FSB, but I did BSELMOD for force that CPU with 800 MHZ FSB, but only think I see is a black screen. The BIOS doesn't start. Before BSELMOD motherboard start and stop after few seconds, now it start and it's black screen all time. 
I think the BIOS doesn't support that CPU and if someone can add microcode for that CPU into my BIOS, I will be happy. Second opttion is force flash BIOS from newer version of Toshiba Satellite A300, but when I try that I saw from InsydeFlash "That BIOS is not for your notebook PC". It should work with that laptop, because specifications are very simillar, but I can't force to flash that BIOS. 

My actual BIOS version:

BIOS that I try flash and I can't. 

CPU old:
CPU new:
A few motherboards with Socket P (even with PM45 chipset) can boot quad cores CPUs. It's hardware incompatibility.
But you can try the motherboard's mod for quad core CPU supporting:
[Image: quadcore-pinsy1dm5.jpg]
[Image: sockelt6126e71.jpg]
Thanks for reply. 
I have a question, I must do only above mod or join it with BSEL MOD ?? -
Is not my photo, but it's in good resolution.
Both mods are needed.
I will try that today in the evening.
I try it and it doesn't work. 
There is NO WAY to run Q9100 in TOSHIBA SATELLITE A300-1ED (PSAG4E)

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