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Toshiba Satillite Pro Intel T7200 CPU voltage code update request
Hi, just wondering if you guys can help me out here.

I am using the following BIOS for a Toshiba Satellite Pro with an Intel Core2Duoe T7200.

I found that I can undervolt my processor from the default of 1.18+ to as low as 0.9875 using RMClock within windows, and still remain 100% stable.

However, there are occasions when i run other operating systems on this rig, and won't have RMClock to do the undervolting; in such cases, the laptop simply becomes too hot.

It would be useful if the FID/VID table for the t7200 in the BIOS can be updated to the following

If you can give me a link to the editing tools (latest version of CBROM?) to do this myself successfully, that'd work as well. Thanks!

actually, come to think of it what would be even nicer is if we could add rudimentary bios menu entries for setting the FID/VID table, or just max VID. As you can see, this toshiba BIOS is a total P.O.S with near 0 configurability.
Hi cruix,

The tools to CBROM and modbin are all available on our Downloads page:

If you have any quesitons or get stuck in the mod proccess, let us know.

www find

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