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Unlock Forth core on ECS A790GXM-A
hi everybody (sry for poor language)
im new here and i have hopes , i want to try something .. can u help ?
done this operation (Activating 4th core) on ECS A790GXM-A ver:1.0 (exactly same chips and capabilitys of Biostar - but its another brand)
(my cpu : Phenom II X3 710 (ready to unlock))
can u help me with some bioses :
here is my bios :

can do same options on it ? can be my HERO too ?

For now - nothing happend when i turned ON ACC Confusedad:

i dont know what u have done on Biostar Bios .. i need that tweaks done on my Bios .. can u help me ? Angel
I cant Change multiplier of Northbridge ! i dont know why ... my bios cant change NB multiplier and even cpu multiplier ! can someone help me to activate them and go OC or even enable Forth core ...
thx alot all ...
First , that link doesnt work so ive just used the latest one i found on the ECS website

Second , The CPU Multiplier Cannot be changed unless you have an AMD Black Edition Or Intel Extreme Chip. The Cpu Multiplier depends on the processor installed in your system. The only way of changing it is to use a different CPU.

As for unlocking the forth core , try using All Cores for Advanced Clock Calibration (ACC)

Your bios doesnt have a core levelling option so all you have to pla with is the ACC setting

www find
thx alot boss ...
but this is it .... i cant change NB multiplier too !! i belive for change that i dont need Black Edition NB ...
i played with all options of ACC but it cant ...
anyway thx buddy .. Sleepy
your welcome , sorry it didnt work though Sad

www find

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