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VBIOS or Graphics card?
Hello, my acer aspire 5740DG has some problems: when I start it,there are vertical stripes on the left side of the monitor and after logo image "ACER" the monitor shows some artefacts like this            """""""""""""""   """"    " "      and some letters are wrong. For example, if I want to type "stripe" it shows "ktropf" but after booting, everything work well with Ubuntu or Hackintosh there are perfect image and full hd .....but in windows 7 I have blu screen error (ATI) and restart...
Now, the problem is graphics card or bios - Vbios?
Can someone help me to fix this ??
Acer aspire 5740DG (3d monitor)
4Gb Ram 
ati radeon 5640
intel i5 430m

memtest 12/h run .....everything ok

I forgot ubuntu and Hackintosh don't use Ati catalist
Sorry for my english :Big Grin

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