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Which mod does what?

While looking around forums, I found a lot of various mods of which I have no idea what they actually do. I couldn't really find any real information about them either. Just out of curiosity, can you tell me which does what?

- CPU Support Upgrades: pretty self-explaining Wink
- Ami/Award Bios Unlockings: What is being unlocked here? BIOS menu entries?
- SLP 1.0 for Windows XP: Mhh, I have no idea what that is. And how is it related to XP?
- "Vista hack" or similiar: What does the BIOS have to do with Vista?
- Award And Ami SLIC Mod: Hacking in SLI compatibility I assume?
- Insyde SLIC: what's the difference to the one above?

Thanks in advance!
First 2 you got correct anyway Big Grin

SLP 1.0 for Windows XP - Google for SLP Tongue - Its a hidden string in the bios that allows OEM's to activate machines offline Tongue

SLIC is the same but for Vista and Windows 7. Vista uses SLIC 2.0 , Windows 7 uses SLIC 2.1

The Award/Ami/Insyde forums are just different brands of bios , keeping them separate makes it easier for us to deal with requests as each type is modded differently

Alright. Thanks!
Thanks for sharing valuable information with us...
cpu upgrade: from celeron to dual core, dual core 2. to make fast laptop or desktop.

SLP 1.0?
if you can use XP installation CD with same company PC, you can use without activation.
that means you dont need to type cdkey or phone call to activate every-time, ... it is OEM string automatic activation.

Vista hack/Slic hack?
Slic 2.0
you need to more hacking to use activate Vista, Windows7 with bios modification than XP or SLP 1.0 to automatic activation, without type cdkey or phone call to M$.

these are bios supplier.
that means there are lots of laptop and desktop supplier and they are use different part and software inside.
for example, if you have toshiba laptop, it might be have ami bios, or phonex...
if you have hp, it might be phoneix... even same company, every model has different. kind of oem supply... etc...

to hacking more slic 2.0 for vista, windows7, you need to know more the inside.

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