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memory timing /support
Hello I recently picked up an hp pro 3010 microtower with an ipiel-la3 (aka eureka3) pegatron motherboard, I should have known that it would be fussy about ram the last pegatron board I had was too.

Anyway my ram works with an 800fsb cpu installed but not with a 1333fsb cpu installed the ram is at the moment 2x4gb and 2x2gb of kingston hyperX  the 4gb ones have an xmp profile too.

I have discovered that the ram timing is responsible for the post issues in that only a few rams with the correct timings will work (hp approved modules Dodgy ) generic rams wont even get past post the fans spin up and nothing else happens.

The thing is the modules that came with the pc are pc3-10600 1333fsb dimms  downclocked by the g43 chipset to 1066fsb work perfectly well wit a 1333fsb cpu, the jedec profiles according to cpu-z are the same on the Kingston rams as the original Samsung ones but they just don't want to work.

My question is where in an ami bios is the memory timing data stored? and can I replace it with a more generic friendly version?

I am researching how to use the spdtool to modify the ram eprom incase I can't modify the bios, but given that the motherboard is £15 used and the rams are £20-30 each I would rather mod the board,
Hello this has some time passed, but I am standing now with same MoBo, short question: Did you solve this request? Has it worked and what was the source of modded bios?

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