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need some help with computrace
i bought a Dell Studio 1555 Laptop in Craigslist like 4 months ago, the other day i was looking into the bios and Computrace is active, and the only way to turn it off is if the original person that subscribe to their service contact the company and ask them to disable it, can somebody remove/reset computrace from my bios or tell me how to turn it off, i flashed my bios to the latest version and is still active, thanks i will really appreciate your help

i know my laptop wasn't reported stolen because is been 4 months

sorry if i am posting in the wrong section

link for the bios
Computrace is basically an added option rom to the bios so in theory it should be possible to remove.

However i cant rebuild the bios after taking it out , contacted my co -admin

i appreciate your patience


(09-14-2010, 08:18 AM)1234s282 Wrote: Computrace is basically an added option rom to the bios so in theory it should be possible to remove.

However i cant rebuild the bios after taking it out , contacted my co -admin

i appreciate your patience

sorry for sending you a PM i thought this was about my bios (Moderation positions available. Please PM me if you are interested.)

thanks for helping me out, if you can remove the Computrace rom and rebuild the bios without problems let me know, thank you

looking in google i found this about how to reset computrace in the bios

This time we would use EE-VALUE that allows to set a value directly on the BIOS NVRAM (not sure about CMOS of NVRAM but anyways…) and looking at different values I finally found (using EE-VALUE /D to display contents) that there was a strange value at offset 0×50.


will reset it to default and then you will be able to select or disable it again.

If you have any doubt or if you have a different laptop check first with

and try to find any “03″ (activated) or strange value around 0×50.

but my problem is that when i run EE-VALUE /D i get this error (fatal error, failed to read value from serial EEPROM at address 00), im using SVCTAG version 3.3

maybe if somebody can read the value of my bios eeprom and tell me what offset to reset i don't need to flash my bios, thanks
if somebody knows of any tool to erase the EEPROM of my Studio 1555 please let me know

i did change the service tag but didn't erase the EEPROM

i guess it isn't possible, maybe in the future this can be done if some new bios tools leak from Dell or Phoenix

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