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[solved] How to add AHCI mod to ASUS "P5K SE" bios not EPU ?
(02-16-2011, 08:14 PM)Antinomy Wrote: Thanks, side effects like controllers not working happen when you flash a BIOS made for a different board. While I've modified the original one.
Ok, so this is the only forum I can find that has any relevance and is active. So my problem is I have an ASUS P5KC motherboard and crossflashed (using KODAKEY) to P5KR BIOS in order to get AHCI support, but my Atheros ethernet controller was diabled because of this. So I flashed back to the P5KC BIOS (again using KODAKEY) hoping it would restore functionality to my ethernet controller. It did not. When I booted into windows 7 I received an error that it could not obtain an ip address. I've tried many different things with the software to no avail. Does anyone know how to fix this??
(02-15-2011, 10:55 PM)Antinomy Wrote: Try this modified BIOS:

Many thanks Antinomy !
I definitely want to try this because of my new SSD.
BUT i use a already modded Bios with ASUS SLIC 2.1
Could you add that SLIC to your AHCI enabled P5K-SE BIOS ?
That would be awesome !

Kind regards, Fatty.
Make a request in SLIC section - I only work with unlocking stuff at the moment.
this bios works perfectly, searched a long time for this, thanks a lot!!!
Antinomy, I have downloaded this bios and flashed it in my p5k se motherboard. It is working perfectly! Thank you very much !

I have updated my bios with this modded bios, now I am able to see "AHCI", but when I enable it, the computer doesn't start: it gets blocked on the bios logo screen. I've tried to understand why, and I saw that when I choose "AHCI" and go into AHCI settings, it says "not detected". Someone can help me? Please...
Hi! Antinomy, Your P5K SE bios worked normally in AHCI mode about two weeks.But one time,when computer reboot,it appears: AUTO-DETECTING AHCI PORT 1... in screen and the boot process stop.Can not go into Windows7.PORT 1 connected WD green disk 1T 64M hard disk.Connected it to another motherboard,it can be boot normally in AHCI mode.I have to change the HD mode from AHCI to IDE,then computer worked well.
How to cope with? Maybe ICH9 can not support AHCI well? Can you help me? Thanks a lot !
Thanks so much Antinomy! Your mod works perfectly!
Thanks Antinomy very good work. No side effects. Greetings Big Grin
Well i got this and flash my p5k-se and i did some tests looks like there is some side effects about burst rate.

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