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unlocking MX690E2
Hi I have the following motherboard:

As it is a industrial board, it is quite locked down.

Could you please openen it up for me?

Thanks in advance


bios download location:
Great News! Big Grin , Ive unlocked more CPU Features , including frequency and voltage control (overclocking) , theres also RAM Overclocking , PCI-E Config Options , and loads more!

Unlocking can corrupt the bios , If you flash this , you do so at your own risk!
www find
Thank you very very much for this mod,

Just one question do you know whats wrong when awdflash says unknown flash type en does nothing. It does this even when i try to flash the unmodded bios. Btw mobo has a spi connector, so this means easily fixed when flashed wrong isnt it?
btw the tool in de cpu upgrade form is able to dump the cpu code from the bios, I thought that was still a problem?

gr Faber
Thank you very very much for this information

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