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Full Version: Lenovo Z580 BIOS Mod V3.1 FINAL [02/07] [DOWNLOAD]
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(10-31-2015, 05:45 PM)dioen Wrote: [ -> ]Problem solved. Thank you! Do you think the problem will be in UEFI also?

No, just that Boot Speed is the issue
Thank you so much it worked Smile
Hola Los Santos
I updated my Lenovo Z 480 i5 3210, 6 gb ram, 750gb hdd and gtx 630m 1 Gb card from Bios 27 to this one. Now I get BSOD with VIDEO_SCHEDULER_ERROR and it restarts my pc, sometimes it restarts ok and I can use it but other times like now it restarted and my GTX 630M disappeared, its not on device manager or right clicking the desktop, is there a way to downgrade my bios to version 27?? I didn't make a backup Huh  I was planning to upgrade my WLAN but on my windows 10 Pro with insider preview 10576 the one from Lenovo`s site didn't installed, it restarted my pc and stay with black screen I had to force shutdown and never could update.

Does anyone else have this problem, I thought it was EDGE browser but I was playing Age of Empires Castle Siege and got that BSOD!
Can you help me? Do you have previous bios with whitelist Wlan?

Another question version 95 is not good? Do you recommend a downgrade to 5FCN27WW or update to 5FCN95WW??

Thanks in advance.
could someone please tell me how to make my usb stick into dos bootable, i have rufus and the hp formatter but need direction, i have the 3.1 file
iv extracted it to a folder, what files within it do i put on the usb stick, a little walk through would be apprecited making the dos on usb and what files to i use plz

Do this, copy all files to USB after, then boot from it and run flash.bat
thanks for tips, before i flash the new bios, do i have to backup mac address if so how, and how do i repair it after bios flash plz
No, afaik Mac address is burned into NIC,

but to backup BIOS in DOS type: fpt -d dump.bin -bios
Before running flash.bat
thanks very much, worked like a charm
hi all. i am new and a real noob . two year ago i updated my bios to 5FCN95WW . i want back to my previous bios version without problem . i think my previous bios version is 5FCN35WW . i need this bios and i need help for flash bios without problem with bootable usb . my hardware laptop is exactly here :
and a question . my laptop support UEFI ? my friend say to me Uefi boot is with a graphical interface and i can use mouse on it . but i dont see any place like this ! when i buy my laptop preinstalled windows on it was windows 7 home premium ! and i cant never access to uefi boot with my laptop . my laptop factory date is 2012/07/25 . and windows 7 home premium .
it is support uefi ?
all lenovo ideapad z580 users say mother boards on this model is with problem. and lenovo must repair your laptop . my laptop dont have warrany .
help me back my laptop to normal . i want use windows 7 again !
sorry for my english .
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