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Full Version: Lenovo Z580 BIOS Mod V3.1 FINAL [02/07] [DOWNLOAD]
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(04-17-2016, 03:59 PM)gospel97 Wrote: [ -> ]I have two numbers, but I do not know how to do it.

PM your SN and UUID to me and I will do it for you

I sent you
Thank you very much LosSantosPro  for your help.

I noticed that screen brightness is set to low as default. Is there any solution to set it to max?
I have to increase it every restart my z580 :/
Hi, easy fix my friend.

Go to BIOS Setup (F2 at boot)

Then do the Fn Up until max brightness then save changes and exit

Should do the trick
I tried that many times. Every time when windows starts, screen has their maximum brightness but after few seconds (~ 3s) brightness drops to almost lowest value :/
Does anyone has this same problem as I?
Hello my friends iam new to this forum so I´m sorry for newbie questions ;-)

One week ago I bought a used Z580 with a i7 3612QM/640GT/Samsung Evo840 and bios version 5FCN95WW
Now iam searching for a slolution for the noisy fan without loosing computing power (in addition to dust the fan and liquid metal cooling paste)
So I´ve got a few questions:

1: Does this modded bios enable a function to undervolt the processor? (I can´t see it on the screenshots)
2: Is this bios save to use with an already installed Windows 10, or do I have to install a fresh one?
3: In my bios I´m runnig the Boot Mode: "Legecy support" since "UEFI" doesn´t work. Is it possible to keep this configuration with the modded bios?
4: Is there a possible risk by installing the modded bios, or is it alway possible to flash the 5FCN95WW back (how do I do this)?
5: What does the bios function "BIOS Back Flash" do? Should I enable it before flashing?

Thanks a lot in advance
1. No, no undervolting support unfortunately.

2. Yes it's safe to use

3. Config can be kept

4. There's always a risk associated with BIOS flashing, although I've had no reports of bricked machines due to my mod, can be easily reverted by restoring backup BIN or downloading the BIOS off of lenovos website.

5. No need to enable that function but it can't hurt to enable.

Thx for the awesome fast reply.
I'm sad that there is no undervolting. Is it impossible to mod?
How do i create or load a backup .bin in the case my system won't start. Is there some guide in this forum?
Hi, when you load DOS, instead of typing flash.bat you type "fpt -d backup.bin -bios" to create backup then run flash.bat to flash mod
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