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Full Version: Lenovo Z580 BIOS Mod V3.1 FINAL [02/07] [DOWNLOAD]
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How to run flash.bat in DOS
it says a 64bit version required !
Friends, Hello. I have read dozens of forums and posts, see, even here there are people who are faced with the problem after flashing the BIOS from lossantosa. I have a laptop lenovo z580, core i7 3632qm, 16vb ddr 3 + 256gb ssd + 1tb hdd in sata 2 (cd rom). After flashing the BIOS is loaded only on the integrated graphics from Intel. If you turn on in the BIOS boot with integrated and discrete graphics, the download stops at the Windows icon and richego happens. Please help and tell me what to do?
Hi guys. I decided my problem. I am very happy, of course a little bit got my laptop to reboot, but the issue resolved and I can 100% say that I have done))) my problem was that I was on the BIOS of los Santos could not boot from the two graphics cards, built and discrete. It turns out the whole thing in memory. there remaping Memory, and sneaking this item was included by default. I tried probably hundreds of options is something I have not possessed the item off and everything just wound up like clockwork, really run the laptop is not more than 5 seconds.
Thanks for sharing。:)
I cant run it, i dont have acess to a dos boot disk and when i try ti run it in windows it gives me that the program is not x64 compatible

what can i do to install this bios
(04-24-2016, 08:02 PM)LosSantosPro Wrote: [ -> ]Hi, easy fix my friend.

Go to BIOS Setup (F2 at boot)

Then do the Fn Up until max brightness then save changes and exit

Should do the trick

Dont work Sad More options?
Just installed this Bios Mod. 3.1 on my Lenovo Z580! It seems to work perfectly! I'll do tests to verify everything is ok!

I have installed it! Works nice. Use Rufus to make FreeDOS (Fat32) and push files in parent derictory. Than boot from flashdrive and type "flash.bat".
Is it posseble to update de cpu microcode to the version in the attached file so i can test if my machine will accept my i7 cpu, now it wont even power on with the i7 3620qm in it.

The only big deference i can find between the hard to find 3612QM and 3620QM is the TDP.
i think there is some kind of microcode mismatch.
can someone please look at this, i am running this bios mod on the mashine.
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