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FUJITSU D3128-A1 (request)
means i need to find ROM BIOS chip on the board, then use a hardware programmer as u mention to flash the d3128-a2 file in to bios chip?
Yes, you're right.
Same request her, but less confidence and capabilities.
First: Bios programmer.
I found many devices on Amazon (or elsewhere). The question is: should I buy a programmer with clamps? I don't think that BIOS chips are mounted on socket...
Second: BIOS chips on MoBo.
Probably last BIOS chip I saw in my life was the BIOS chip of a PC-AT main board (yes, more than 30 years ago...).
Which kind of chips should I look for?
Thank you in advance.
You will have to research this subjust on your own.
Hello everyone. I have the same request and exactly the same situation. I searched for information about the M720 and M730 and even the pdf on the fujitsu website gives conflicting information.
Are you sure that i can just try to flash the bios from the M730? The bios versions for the D3128-a1* and D3128-a2* boards are the same, but the changelogs are very different.
For some reason, the full form of the post does not work in 3 browsers (firefox, ie11 and edge), so I can't make a spoiler with bios changelogs.
Which file should be flashed by the programmer? - BIOS D3128-A2x - BIOS D3128-A1x
I found the BIOS chip on the motherboard (I can't attach a photo because the full form of the post is not working) - it's 25Q128A.
I ask for your advice! Thanks.

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Find correct BIOS dump from M730 and flash it to your system by suitable hardware programmer.
I couldn't find a bios dump for the M730 on the internet, only files from the official website. Do I understand correctly that they are not suitable for firmware by the programmer?
Unpack official BIOS and extract D3128-A2.UPD
Try to flash it.

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