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ECS RC410L/800-M (V2.0): Core 2 duo support
I know its an old motherboard but its my first and I want to give it an faster cpu. Its a ECS RC 410L 800-m v 2.0 and i cant seem to find any mods for bios the socket is a 775 and I have a Intel core 2 duo that supports 775 its just the bios dont.and while im adding to the wish list is there a mod to support windows 8 thank    Confused
See when you install the Core 2 Duo

Does it POST and give you error saying unsupported CPU


Black screen?

If my mod has helped you, please consider donating via PayPal Smile
It Only shows a black screen.

its an LGA775 socket for Intel Pentium 4/ Celeron D/ Pentium D processor if that helps
What LAN do you have in your motherboard? GigaLan or just Lan version?

The reason I ask is that there is 2 BIOS's available for your motherboard


Ps, im just about to go out, I wont be back for a few hours but I will do your bios mod when I get back

If my mod has helped you, please consider donating via PayPal Smile
Its a Realtek RCL8100C chip so i think ist a GagaLan. and I appreciate. I dont let me first mother go to waste

The prossesor I want to use is a Intel Core2 Duo Processor E6750 (4M Cache, 2.66 GHz, 1333 MHz FSB)
and the Motherboard only supports FSB 800/533 MHz
Hi, sorry for delay. I was out for whole day.

I have completed this mod BUT due to size of BIOS I had to remove some old CPU Microcode to add newer Core 2 Duo Microcode, unfortunately I don't know what your current CPU is so I could of removed that microcode, don't worry.

If you flash BIOS and PC doesn't boot, then install your new CPU and it should boot.

Keep in mind you do this at your own risk

Files attached below, it is recommended you use DOSFlash.


Attached Files
.rar   060526S_CORE2DUO_TEST.rar (Size: 718.58 KB / Downloads: 9)

If my mod has helped you, please consider donating via PayPal Smile
Thanks for taking the time to do the mod. and it was a succesful Flash but when I installed the new cpu the Screen was still black and I reset my cmos and still nothing
I was afraid of that, usually a microcode update fixes "CPU not supported error" so your motherboard is most likely not supported


If my mod has helped you, please consider donating via PayPal Smile
You win some You lose some
Hi! I have this motherboard, I know that is an old motherboard, but I need the bios std-8110.rom, this bios fix bsod when I install Windows 7 (I need it for a project). Can someone please share this BIOS? Thank you very much!

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