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[REQUEST] Compal QAL51
I would like to unlock fan control in my bios, because the laptop is running rather hot and speedfan can't access it. If at all possible I would like to also see if it is possible to get nvidia optimus running since compal says it supports it but have never managed to get it running, but this would really be a bonus.

Bios I have is found here:


Thank you for your time
Ok friend,

I need Menu Tabs Screen Shots to look what is hiddenand what I can unhide !
So make these and upload it here, please.

I found in your EFI Code only this :
0x6D3ED Form: InsydeH2O Setup Utility, Form ID: 0x240
0x6D3F3 Subtitle: Platform Thermal Configuration
0x6D3FA End
0x6D3FC Subtitle:
0x6D403 End
0x6D405 Grayout If:
0x6D407 Variable 0xD equals 0x2
0x6D40D Variable 0xC equals 0x1
0x6D413 And
0x6D415 End
0x6D417 Setting: Automatic Thermal Reporting, Variable: 0x36A
0x6D43D Option: Disabled, Value: 0x0
0x6D44B Option: Enabled, Value: 0x1 (default)
0x6D459 End of Options
0x6D45B Suppress If:
0x6D45D Variable 0x70 equals 0x1
0x6D463 Setting: Shut Down Temperature, Variable: 0x1A5
0x6D489 Option: 70 °C, Value: 0x46
0x6D497 Option: 75 °C, Value: 0x4B
0x6D4A5 Option: 80 °C, Value: 0x50
0x6D4B3 Option: 85 °C, Value: 0x55
0x6D4C1 Option: 90 °C, Value: 0x5A
0x6D4CF Option: 100 °C, Value: 0x64 (default)
0x6D4DD Option: 110 °C, Value: 0x6E
0x6D4EB Option: 120 °C, Value: 0x78
0x6D4F9 End of Options
0x6D4FB End If
0x6D4FD Numeric: Low Fan Speed (0-0) , Variable: 0x1A8
0x6D523 Default: 8 Bit, Value: 0x4B
0x6D530 End
0x6D532 Setting: Low Fan Speed Temperature, Variable: 0x1A7
0x6D558 Option: 40 °C, Value: 0x28
0x6D566 Option: 45 °C, Value: 0x2D
0x6D574 Option: 50 °C, Value: 0x32
0x6D582 Option: 55 °C, Value: 0x37 (default)
0x6D590 Option: 60 °C, Value: 0x3C
0x6D59E Option: 65 °C, Value: 0x41
0x6D5AC Option: 70 °C, Value: 0x46
0x6D5BA Option: 75 °C, Value: 0x4B
0x6D5C8 Option: 80 °C, Value: 0x50
0x6D5D6 Option: 85 °C, Value: 0x55
0x6D5E4 Option: 90 °C, Value: 0x5A
0x6D5F2 Option: 100 °C, Value: 0x64
0x6D600 Option: 110 °C, Value: 0x6E
0x6D60E Option: 120 °C, Value: 0x78
0x6D61C End of Options
0x6D61E Numeric: High Fan Speed (0-0) , Variable: 0x1A6
0x6D644 Default: 8 Bit, Value: 0x64
0x6D651 End
0x6D653 Suppress If:
0x6D655 Variable 0x70 equals 0x1
0x6D65B Setting: High Fan Speed Temperature, Variable: 0x1A9
0x6D681 Option: 40 °C, Value: 0x28
0x6D68F Option: 45 °C, Value: 0x2D
0x6D69D Option: 50 °C, Value: 0x32
0x6D6AB Option: 55 °C, Value: 0x37
0x6D6B9 Option: 60 °C, Value: 0x3C
0x6D6C7 Option: 65 °C, Value: 0x41
0x6D6D5 Option: 70 °C, Value: 0x46 (default)
0x6D6E3 Option: 75 °C, Value: 0x4B
0x6D6F1 Option: 80 °C, Value: 0x50
0x6D6FF Option: 85 °C, Value: 0x55
0x6D70D Option: 90 °C, Value: 0x5A
0x6D71B Option: 100 °C, Value: 0x64
0x6D729 Option: 110 °C, Value: 0x6E
0x6D737 Option: 120 °C, Value: 0x78
0x6D745 End of Options
0x6D747 Setting: Throttle On Temperature, Variable: 0x1AA
0x6D76D Option: 40 °C, Value: 0x28
0x6D77B Option: 45 °C, Value: 0x2D
0x6D789 Option: 50 °C, Value: 0x32
0x6D797 Option: 55 °C, Value: 0x37
0x6D7A5 Option: 60 °C, Value: 0x3C
0x6D7B3 Option: 65 °C, Value: 0x41
0x6D7C1 Option: 70 °C, Value: 0x46
0x6D7CF Option: 75 °C, Value: 0x4B
0x6D7DD Option: 80 °C, Value: 0x50
0x6D7EB Option: 85 °C, Value: 0x55 (default)
0x6D7F9 Option: 90 °C, Value: 0x5A
0x6D807 End of Options
0x6D809 End If

So we have to ook if "Platform Thermal Configuration" is shown or is hidden !

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Hi mate,

Thanks for the quick response.
Here are the screens you requested:

My biggest problem is that gpu hits 90+ C and cpu reaches 100+ C and the fan speed doesn't seem to change from idle speeds (still rather inaudible)

If it is easier for you you can unlock all of the menu's and i'll try and figure it out myself.

I wanted to prepare myself for when i flash it and something goes wrong to see if bios recovery works. Well i got it to the black screen and full speed fans (which i normally never hear) and the usb stick was flickering but 15 minutes in nothing changed. I named the file QAL50.bin as suggested by the phoenix tool, which told me so i assumed it meant bin. Also windows+B from the general directions did not work for me I had to use fn+B. So don't know what went wrong but would like to confirm that recovery works properly before i would flash anything new.
Hello, I have the same notebook here and when BDMaster release the bios I will try it also.

I tried to unlock it here but I can´t understand all the process, so I go until the dissasembling the bios in a hundred of parts, And I could change the logo of the bios but nothing more, and if BDMaster can unlock the options for changing the Active Graphics card. I will be thankful !!

And BDMaster, do you know a way to reset the UEFI variables because I changed some of them and now when I press F2 I need to wait about 2 minutes to see the bios options.

If I am not asking too much you can teach me some tips for changing this bios (the same of the Flaggie)

Just for explain I flashed the bios about 4 times to see if it resets the variables but it not worked.

To change the BIOS variables I used the method of this topic:
At the moment i'm holding off on flashing anything since i have not managed to get the bios recovery method working. so don't want to end up with a bricked laptop if this goes south.
As we both have the same note, I will help you to find how that recover work. If you get the unlocked bios please post it to me ok ?
I noticed that some modifications I made in setup_var are showing me the title: DPTF Configuration in the advanced tab witch is not normaly seen check the 4th figure above. I think that this is making my setup slow when I press F2.
I'm pretty sure the bios would be posted here, but if I get pm'ed I will make sure to share it with you.
no one unlocked it until now ?! Please guys ! Help us!
No one news here ? Nobody ?

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