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Bios Chip Removal Guide
Guide originally posted by "theonetruewill" at techpowerup forums.

Step one:
Make sure you have the type of BIOS chip I have. If you do it should look very similar and be placed in a small black plastic socket. (PLCC EEPROM).

Step two:
Carefully bend one of the ends of the paperclip by 90 degrees with a pair of pliers, so that there is an approximately 2mm perpendicular hook. Then do this to another paperclip.

Step 3:
Hook the paperclips under your BIOS chip, ans then lift upwards. DO NOT bend the paperclips sideways, in different directions to each other, this will do nothing but break the socket for your chip. LIFT UPWARDS!

Step 4:
Didn't work for you? Try making a 3mm hook, and getting someone to hold down the board at the same time, then use a series of small and strong vertical tugs.

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
Bios chip is easy to remove. I had tried out the steps given by you, and it works. In Step 3 I made a mistake by making it downward but luckily it doesn't get break down and I then made it in a correct way.Keep it up.I got a good Knowledge from this.

Defeat is not bitter unless you swallow it.
Just to make it easier for you guys. If anyone has access to this tool prior to the operation, better use that one, instead of risking the BIOS socket damaging. Its called Chip Puller. Borrow it if you know someone is in possession of such thing. Otherwise it is around $10 in electronics part store. It looks like this:

[Image: puller2160.jpg]

Hope to be of help to someone.
I just got a pair of electronics tweezers and bent the tips by 90ยบ only needs a mm or two to hook under the PLCC.

[Image: x79sig.jpg]
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www find
hi any body know how to remove bios password for laptop fujitsu and how to change bios logo please share with us with detail bye thnx
I would becarefull with this
I recomend always to try recorvering with USB etc before you take your BIOS chip out
Theres always a high chance of ripping your Chip or mother board
i thought chances to deal with such type of bios nowdays equal that you meet dinosaur while walking down main street...

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