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[REQUEST] HP Pavilion dv6-6000 (Intel) Whitelist Removal
That's strange behavior, maybe the non whitelist patch produces that unstability, i will upload unlocked menus only version without whitelist patch for you to test.

Sorry for inconveniences.

BIOS REPOSITORY.Please consider donating (me or forum) if you like my work.
Please remember to come back and leave feedback. I hate leech and disappear thing.

Nice day.
the only feature wich is available in the locked BIOS is Virtualization Technology.

if testet the F.14 original hp version. - and the problem is gone.. "enable + save exit = reboot" (not freeze with black screen)

so i dont think the problem is from my hardware.

Unfortunately LPM (Link Power Management) is enabled in the locked BIOS.
With this option i got irregular freezes with my "Curical C300 128GB SSD" -> Primary Windows7 x64 Partition.
So your unlock has solved me a different error - for wich i didn´t knew any solution.

Thank you very much, no reason for excuses!

i appreciate your work!
a few tests an my dokumentation:

same problem with: HP_DV6_6XXX_sp54024_NoWhitelist_UlkdMenus_ByCamiloml

Save and Exit = System freeze + Black Screen --> only to remove the BIOS battery = COSMOS reset = Fixed it.

i can make some changes and "Save without Exit" and then "Exit".

but especially to enable VT - after a reboot with ("Save without Exit" and then "Exit".) i got System freeze + Black Screen.

i was able to flash HP sp54024 enable VT and than flash you mod.

Now you version is running with VT enabled. -

It seems that it by changing certain parameters and Saving - the system recognizes "that something is wrong" and doesn´t boot anymore.
+1 i confirm this what firsttris sayed, everything is same here.
I have flashed the sp55068_nwl_bycamiloml modded bios on my laptop HP DV6-6099el, the white list removal works fine but every time that I rebbot the notebook I see a black screen and I have to remouve the notebook and BIOS battery.
Could you please help me to solve this problem??
Many thanks in advice.

I have HP Pavilion dv6-6077er notebook that needs a whitelist mod. I am fairly certain it is an RSA-signed BIOS based off what I read in the sticky. I am willing to take the risk, test, and agree to the terms.

I am looking to throw this in the garbage:
Wifi Broadcom BCM94313HMGB (stock)

and I want to use this:
Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6200
Model: 622ANHMW
FCC ID: PD9622ANH; IC:1000M-622ANH

Here is a link to the BIOS I am using: (F.1B)

Please let me know if there is any more information you need.

Thanks you for all your help. You do a great job from what I've read here already!
Hi Community

Would it be possible if someone could remove the whitelist on my laptop as i would like the replace the wifi card in order to run hackintosh on it. I am planning to replace the intel wifi link with a atheros ar9280

Manufacturer: HP
-BIOS revision: F.1B (2011-10-31)
-BIOS Type: Insyde H2O
-BIOS link:
-Original card: Intel WiFi Link 1000BGN

Intel WiFi Link 1000 BGN
Lucky for you, I've worked a lot with those bios in the past. You can find a version in my modded bios repository with the Advanced and Power tabs unlocked, the wifi and bluetooth whitelists removed, and hackintosh native power management enabled. Hope you like it Big Grin

And if your feeling generous, I always appreciate donations Blush
thanks again for doing it but i have a super noob question

when i run insydeflash with the rom inside its directory the computer restarts and it prompts me to either apply this update or startup normally but when i click apply update it immediately gives me bios update failed

Do you have any advice on what i should do?

Heres my log

Log file : C:\Users\--------------\Desktop\sp55068\sp55068\InsydeFlash.Log
Settings file : C:\Users\--------------\Desktop\sp55068\sp55068\platform.ini (found)
Executable : C:\Users\--------------\Desktop\sp55068\sp55068\InsydeFlash.exe
Version : Build : InsydeFlash
Date : Thu Jan 16 17:41:50 2014

Resource file : C:\Users\--------------\Desktop\sp55068\sp55068\iscflash.dll (loaded)
App name : InsydesFlash
OS Information : Microsoft Windows 7 Service Pack 1 - supported

Preparation stage

IHISI Version : 195
Device Name:\Device\HarddiskVolume1
Device Name:\Device\HarddiskVolume2
Device Name:\Device\HarddiskVolume3
Device Name:\Device\HarddiskVolume4
Sign File Name:\\?\Volume{bec47d61-47e2-11e3-b135-806e6f6e6963}\\Hewlett-Packard\BIOSUpdate\HpBiosUpdate.sig
Sign File Name:\\?\Volume{bec47d61-47e2-11e3-b135-806e6f6e6963}\\Hewlett-Packard\BIOSUpdate\HpBiosUpdate.EFI
Device Name:\Device\CdRom0
Allow Version: 000, Dex: 0
Current Version: F.1B, Dex: 3867
Current BIOS version is bigger than the version setted in Ini.
Partition : 1 WMI 0x0D: 1
Check Package: 1
BIOS sign: 1
File sign: 0
Processing parameters...
Image file : C:\Users\--------------\Desktop\sp55068\sp55068\01658.bin
Backup file : No Backup file
OEM ID : 0x103C
Loading new BIOS image file...
Opening file C:\Users\--------------\Desktop\sp55068\sp55068\01658.bin
Not sign file
Header signature exist
2 Exist Type: 2, TypeNumber: 2, Offset: 0x00001000, Size: 0x00010000
3 Exist Type: 3, TypeNumber: 3, Offset: 0x00011000, Size: 0x00400000
Read Header ==>
Final type count:
g_dwEcSize : 0x00010000
Reading 4194304 bytes from file starting at 0 ...
BIOS image size : 4194304 (0x00400000)
ECSize : 0x10000
SmiOem1Infor.dwBootBlockInfo: 5
Boot Block Sign Check: 1
Boot Block Function Status: 4
Ec Lock Status: 0
Current BID : 0005EFB0, New BID : 0005EFB0 BIOS size: 00411000
Error code : 3010(0x00000BC2)
That's because you still have an HP_TOOLS partition. Temporarily rename it to something like HP_TOOLSS so that the installer won't find it. Then InsydeFlash.exe will flash the modded rom instead of relying on the programs in the HP_TOOLS partition to do it.

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