Calling All Beta Testers!

As we continue to add new unlocked bioses to the forum, I have decided to launch a new beta project for the community. When someone requests a BIOS to be unlocked, it usually means we take the current BIOS (from the OEM) and unhide whatever may be locked. Now we have launched a new project, which the best demostration of today is the RETAIL bios for the Nettle2/Acer boards. The new project is simple, we are trying to match OEM boards to their retail counterpart, and do whatever is neccesary to make the retail work flawlessly on the OEM board. In order to do this, I will soon launch a new page that will keep track of all the boards we are looking into, one’s we are testing, and boards that we have successfully converted to a retail version. So, here’s the catch. We need you! to step up and volunteer to help test the retail bios versions. While we will probably not be able to cover all of the requested boards, we hope to get members to test boards they are interested with people who are familiar with hotflashing or programming their chip after a BIOS failure. I also will need a small (very small) team who will help keep track of current boards that are being looked into. If you are interested, please PM me and I will establish whether you fit the profile. After we get a initial “team” to get the ball rolling, we will still need as many of you as we can to confirm that the retail bioses are working. I already have most of my team assembled, but if you are interested in helping with the project, please PM or email me.



4 Responses to “Calling All Beta Testers!”

  • Banana19 (Nick):

    Typical tech support call….

    caller: My computer is on fire, what should I do?

    Support: please unplug your computer, wait 2 mins, and plug it back in.


  • I’m already beta-testing, -writing and crying…
    AND I’m still not afraid of anything! 😀

    -“If you have a look at your monitor, what do you read?”
    -“…big I, big B and a big M…”
    -“No, I mean, a little bit higher!”
    -“Ahh, you think ’bout the pot of flowers, don’t you?”

  • Llywelyn:

    Good job 🙂
    I’m one of the first beta-testers, I hope 🙂 (thanks to f3bandit’s awesome mod 🙂 )

  • This will surely get a separate post if its successful. Kudos to you guys on this project.

    (And yes Llywelyn I saw your same post on other forums, but looks like they aren’t doing so hot :P)


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