Intel UEFI Motherboard 2.1 SLIC Modding May Be Possible!

Hey Everyone

Ive got some really good news for owners of Intel motherboards which use the UEFI framework (Newer BIOS). Up until now Intel boards couldnt be modded for SLIC 2.1 but after some hours of scouring the internet I found a post which i translated and am ready to provide to those willing to test.

In theory , this method should work for ALL Intel Motherboards using UEFI. The original poster has fully confirmed this mod working on an Intel DG45ID motherboard , so you should at least give it a go if you have one of these!

Basically , the mod allows you to access the UEFI Terminal Interface and therefore lets you “Inject” a Dell 2.1 SLIC into the bios.

We would like some Intel testers to try out this new mod. Please PM me on the forums if you are interested.


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