Dear Community,

It has been quite a while since I have updated our members and visitors on the site’s status and discussed where we are looking to continue improving upon BIOS-Mods’ reputation as the number one BIOS/hardware modification community on the internet.

The amount of data we have collected on the BIOS modification process is tremendous. Over the past several years, we have successfully unlocked hundreds of motherboards and have created a readily available repository of modified BIOS images. As BIOS-Mods continues to gain user requests and interest in unlocking new motherboards with the latest technologies, we have continued to provide modified images for many mainstream consumer platforms thanks to the dedication, time, and effort of many talented community members.

As all of us at BIOS-Mods have busy lives and busy schedules, it requires many individuals to come forward to help others modify their BIOS images and add to the repository to assist both new and veteran users. While many of our normal moderators and I have had a very busy few months, this process has been somewhat reliant on the enthusiastic folks in our forums as of recent. Many users have also requested that more information become publically available on our website for learning how to modify various BIOS images. While some of this information is available, there is a fair amount of work to be done in order to update our public knowledge repository with the latest techniques and methods.

Starting soon, will be working to update our knowledge databases with new modifications and new information. As there is a lot of information to be made available, and a lot of daily requests to take care of, we are asking for your participation. If you are interested in learning the BIOS modification process, contributing to our knowledge base, or helping our members in the community find what they are looking for, I encourage you to contact the site via the contact form for more information on how you can get involved. As we model our site off of the Wiki philosophy, user contribution and community involvement is always strongly encouraged.

As we continue to help the internet do everything from running manufacturer BIOS updates to modifying the BIOSes that put PCs to the extreme, we are excited about continuing to find new ways to help out folks with all different levels of experience with BIOSes and computing as a whole.

I am pleased to report our community has grown past 40,000 registered members, and the support for the community is continuing to grow as well. I look forward to bringing on new moderators and interested community members in making our repository updates a success.

Best Regards,

Chris a.k.a. “TheWiz” Administrator


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