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Acer Aspire L5100

i have a lot of trouble with my acer bios.
Acer disabled HT and virtualization by default an no option to enable it again.
I checked for newer Bios, wrote to the support and used a lot of tools (but most outdated).

I need them especially the virtualization.

Link to the last working bios (newer bios - R02-A1 or R02A3 wont work because ist a other mainboard):

Thanks Com
Great News For You Mate!

I have unlocked all the hidden features in your bios , and im happy to say this includes all cpu overclocking , memory overclocking and virtualization! Smile

Also , the link you supplied me with is the latest (R01A....... is earlier than R01B.......)

Remember , if you want to flash my modded bios , do so at your own risk , i wont be held respobnsible for anything that may go wrong!


Please Report Back With Your Results And Photos Of The New Options If Possible
Im so happy Smile,

this is no problem ... i have two of the machines, if the bios is broken i swap the bios and flash the old one back.
One last thing is there a option for hyperthteading (HT) I'm not sure if the AMD CPU is supporting this?!

One last thing,

i readed the last days tonnes of Articles. How does you unlock? cbrom and editing the _EN_CODE.BIN?

Whats your Cpu and operating system?

To use Hyperthreading , the bios must support it , aswell as the cpu support it and your operating system support it
CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ and 4000+
I use Ubuntu Linux: cat /proc/cpuinfo shows only two cpus.

There is a whole tab unlocked called Ht Link Control

Options in here are Ht Link Width , Ht Link Ferquency (Can be set on Auto , 200mhz , 400mhz , 800mhz or 1ghz) , Ht Link Drive Strength , Ht Receiver Ctrl , Ht PLL Control

Hope these options help you

Kind Regards
No these options are for Hypertransport ... no problem i try this - its more i could hope for Smile

Thank you very much

Oh OK , Sorry i couldnt completely sort out your problem

As a general afterthought though , does ubuntu support hyperthreading , you need a hyperthreading supported operating system for the hyperthreading to work anyway. I think hyperthreading enables itself if the OS supports it. Because its not enabled for you and your CPU does support it , id guess that ubuntu doesnt support hyperthreading.
Heres some further reading to back up my guess , Ubuntu does support hyperthreading but has it disabled when you install it

read here for more information :-

now you can have Hyperthreading , and the nice modded bios aswell!!

Been a good day for you hasnt it? Tongue
Hi, can the bios be posted again (it is not in the dropbox anymore)?
Need to downclock my L5100 (with Atlon 64 X2 5200+ cpu) as it becomes way too hot when the CPU goes to full power and then turns itself of.


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