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Cant use Asus AFUDOS with USB 98 startup
Hi, Im really having trouble flashing my Asus M/B using the AFUDOS flash utility on a USB windows 98 startup stick. Basically I boot up from the USB stick and I get the Windows 98 starup screen in DOS then I get the C promt. I type DIR and it tells me that AFUDOS exe is on the disc along with my Bios rom file (which i named M2N68.ROM).
Ok, then I type in after the promt AFUDOS /M2N68.ROM but when I hit enter i just get a bad command or filename message, So I try again putting an i just before the name of my bios file but still get the bad command message, I really cant see what Im doing wrong and any insight would really be appreciated as this is really frustrating me, ty )

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