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Easynote LJ75 on steroid !
Hello everyone, please excuse my english.

I'm a pure newbie in bios modding and i want to dig a little bit in this world, please accept me peacefully.

I wanted to know severals informations and how to do all of this, the community right here is tentacular, i'm pretty impressed. The informations are not that easy for me to find on the whole forum.

I hope you will be ok to help me.
I'm a little bit familiar with computers and electronics just like an anthousiat who is not afraid to unsolder chips to solder others, so if you have solutions like this one fell free to tell me !

So i have this laptop that someone gifted to me, a PackardBell Easynote LJ75. It had a core i3 330M that i replaced with an I7 640M, SSD and HDD in SATA II (there is 2 hard drives slots), and i reached the max capacity of 6 GB of RAM (4gb+2gb).

To begin, i saw that there is an unlocked version of the Bios, mine is an InsydeH2o V1.08 Rev 3.5, here are two visuals :
First of all, if someone have a link for a full unlocked version of the bios, i will be very thankful beaucause the links on the forum that i found are no longer available.

I want to know if those operations are possible by any means necessary (eccept coding a whole new bios of course):

1 - Using the wifi msata slot for an msata ssd (i will use an usb dongle for the conectivity). I tried to connect one (a samsung 840 EVO), the computeur don't recognize it at all, the bios don't even displays it.

2 - Using the msata port for an eGpu, the EXP GDC Beast, it seems that the bios locked it. The bios don't even want to boot, and reboot as usual when i disconnect the eGpu.

3 - If there is some way to unlock the 6gb RAM limit.

Thank you very much for your help.
Pm me and i will try to help you!

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