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.FD bios file for Acer aspire One 725-0825
Hi guys, does anyone have the .FD bios file for Acer aspire One 725-0825 netbook?
I've searched all over and found the BIOS Acer 2.12.exe file on the Acer website however this file is useless when trying to flash my bios since the laptop won't even boot up.
Run ZHG108.EXE (from on other computer to appear a window with an error.
Don't close it and go %temp% folder.
Find folder with name 7zSA5F3.tmp or similar.
Find zhgbiosR.fd file in it.
Copy it to other place and close an error's window.
BIOS 2.12:
BIOS 1.08:

Both files are already correctly named for BIOS recovery (ZHGBIOS.fd).

Recovery procedure:
1. Copy the BIOS file to an empty and with FAT16/32 formatted usb stick.
2. Unplug the AC adapter.
3. Remove the battery of the notebook (skip this step in case you can't remove the battery).
4. Plug in the USB flash disk.
5. Press and hold < Fn > and < Esc >, and then plug in the AC adapter while still holding < Fn > and < Esc >.
6. Press the Power button. You can now stop holding < Fn > and < Esc >.
7. The BIOS flash should now begin, the fans will spin up and the power led will light up. It will take a while and the notebook will shut down after the flashing process is finished.
Thanks buddy..found it... Managed to copy the file onto a flash drive (fat 32) and tried flashing bios...but still didn't solve my issue of the blank screen...
Have anyone come across this issue and solved it some other way?
Thanks Mclarke2355 and Deathbringer....The bios file worked...
Really appreciate the help guys...

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