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GA-Z97X gaming 7 OROM, SSD P1 Crucial and IME, REQUEST
Hi, guys, there is new-old hardware in my hands.

It has several problems:

1/. Windows 7 and SSD: P1 Crucial: CT1000P188D8 M.2/PCX connector onboard'
W7 Can't see it,

2/. There is a need for update OROM " TO BEST POSSIBLE "
working in line with 15 edition level of drivers and software for RST,
as finally have to migrate my actual systems to this SSD.
(there is something with Certificate for 15.9 RST in Win-Raid Fernando modded driver. W7 says 15.9 from Fernando is not valid for the system due to lack of Ceryficaste but Cert from Fernando attached to file is registering, there must be a small typo somewhere in files.

There is mentioned that solution for this is an update from MS but I did not find
the numbers of updates, as they are around in the form of an addition to WIM.

3/. As I mentioned in Win-Raid forum I can not install new system per
certification f software and drivers for my peripherals so have to use the systems installed before Certs expired... and have some copies of them and using them for setup W7 system on the PC.

and get rid of firmware related to IME.

So far I did a mod for visibility and possibility to boot from it in BIOS from P1 Crucial: CT1000P188D8 M.2
It is uploaded there, can someone check it and say if I did it the proper way.Smile
Basic revision is F6 higher revisions F7 and F8 are not really well described, so most people say these revs were made for compatibility with Intel 5 platform, implementing even wilder IME spyware to life and they are changing plenty as there is note "this upgrade is irreversible" to F6 and lower. Intel 5 line has IME completely inbuild in CPU so it will be much more hard to get rid of it, but I know the work is in progress. [Image: tongue.gif]

The board is GA-Z97X gaming 7

The CPU is Intel Core i7-4790K

Memory Rock stable:
Type    DDR3
Size    4096 MBytes
Manufacturer    Hyundai Electronics
Max Bandwidth    PC3-12800 (800 MHz)
Part Number    HMT351U6CFR8C-PB
Serial Number    1213974520
Week/year    06 / 12

Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate (x64) Build 7601 (Service Pack 1)

What more info can I add? L-N-B?

All best to all of you guys,

Bios moded link:!W01TgQaK!EkGFci3hMxWS5...LNEGsGQs0g

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