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General method to remove whitelist from Insyde BIOS
Please help me remove whitelist thankyou!
Model: HP G62-b97SH
Bios link:

I have an Acer Aspire 5749Z - Insyde Rev 3.5, BIOS ROM 1.08 added - but I use an unlocked 1.06 ROM
I'm going to try modding the BIOS by myself (delete whitelist), but I don't know how to figure out the hex from the device ID...

It's an Atheros AR5B125.

I tried an Intel Centrino N 6235 but the screen stays black. So I can't see an error like 104.
Today I installed an Intel 7260 - same problem: black screen... The laptop starts 3 times and the fan works on full load.

Could someone help me or mod / remove whitelist from my BIOS?
Sorry for my English.

Thanks in advance

Attached Files
.zip (Size: 1.07 MB / Downloads: 4)
Hi @all,

I use an Acer Aspire 5749, like I tolf before.
A lot of people say, that thers's no white/blacklist for wifi hardware, but I couldn't use any Intel cards. The notebook starts but the screens still stays black...
I tested some other cards with an Atheros chipset (like AR5B93 / AR5B95 / AR5B125) and these cards worked without any problems.

So I decided to order a card with a REALTEK 8821AE chipset (bought at aliexpress for ~6 EUR) and an extra "Wifi 802.11AC 802.11N Antenna".
Now my notebooks uses the 5.0 GHz frequence an it's connected to my fritzbox at 433 Mbit/s - before it was at ~135 M/bits.

Just my 2cents
Get help with the HP Pavilion G7-1346sg Laptop
I'm looking for a BIOS whitelist, not on the internet.
Bios Version / Date >> Insyde F.66 (0166CF66.BIN) (SP60864.exe) HP.
I want to install a new WI-FI card.
I can't remove the list from my biosom, please help.
Thank you very much...
Please can someone help me to mod the bios. Please remove whitelist from BIOS.
I have dell XPS17 l702x non 3d.
card installed:
Intel Centrino Wireless-N 1030
upgrade card:
Intel Wireless AC 7260 WiFi

Thank you
I'm exploring modding the bios remove whitelist on an older thinkpad laptop with phoenix insyde bios. I've been able to dump the bios files from the compressed .FL1 bios. My question is what is the difference between the .bios files and the .rom files. Which ones should be edited when modding the bios and what tools could I use? any links to relevant tutorials or guides would be greatly appreciated thanks!
Hi all! Today I'm tested one simple method how to remove whitelist from Insyde HP BIOS. Let's go). I will explain this method on the example of my laptop HP Pavilion Dm1-3010nr. Before this mod I'm used unlocked BIOS by Donovan6K (thanks him for it!) and it worked fine, but still whitelisted.. Link:
Stock wlan card is Broadcom BCM94313HMGB. When i trying to install an Atheros AR9285 wlan card, i've got an error 702. Also tryed this mod: (thanks to him too!), but it has no unlocked options like ACHI, Power Management, etc. Warning! Because this BIOS is RSA signed, by using this NWL mod, you may get a semi-brick after enter into BIOS setup program! (Capslock is blinking, black screen, laptop won't boot). So read this post about RSA signed BIOSes carefully!
Before any actions, is strong recommended to create a emergency usb stick/HDD partition to restore original BIOS, if something goes wrong (of course, your laptop must support this procedure). For HP laptops, it is created like this:
1. From your model support page, e.g. HP Pavilion Dm1-3010nr, i downloaded an HP BIOS Update UEFI tool (SP50291). Run it, press Next, accept the EULA, press Next twice. Archive will be unpacked to C:\SWSETUP folder. Then automatically started HP BIOS Update UEFI setup wizard. Press Next. In next step, two options are offered: UEFI partition on HDD, or on usb stick. On first use, i recommend usb drive. Choose "Usb drive" and press Next. Insert into free usb port FAT32 formatted usb stick, and click Install. Utility creates a Hewlett-Packard folder with two sub-folders (BIOS, BIOS Update). In its turn, a BIOS folder has a three sub-folders: Current, New, Previous. In Current folder we need to place an decrypted BIOS image, named by according to your laptop platform name. For example, my laptop platform name is 01611. Label of USB stick must be "HP_TOOLS" without quotes, its very important.
2. Download & Unpack BIOS image from HP site.  For example, for HP Pavilion Dm1-3010nr it contained in SP54026 self-extracted archive. After downloading, don't run it, just unpack with 7zip or Winrar into same folder, e.g. SP54026. This folder has several files, like this: 
3. Decrypting BIOS image.
First file is crypted BIOS image. To decrypt or modify it, we need a BIOS modding tool Phoenixtool 2.56 Download. Unpack a zip archive into any folder, e.g Phoenixtool256. Run PhoenixTool.exe from it. Showing screen:
Press the button near Original BIOS field, navigate to previously unpacked BIOS image folder, and choose file named 01611.bin (your BIOS image may have another name and extension, e.g.1234.fd etc, it varied from laptop platform and model). Wait for extraction ends. Ready!
Press Ok if any information messages are displayed. After processing, utility created into the BIOS image folder another folder called DUMP which contain all extracted BIOS modules, and two file: 01611.bin.DEC and RSA.SIG. These files are used when restoring BIOS. Rename first file to 01611.bin, second file to 01611.SIG. It very important that files must named by platform name. Platform name you may find out by opening file platform.ini into BIOS image folder. First, navigate to [FDFile] section and remember the filename without extension. Probably It is platform name. If filename is absent, navigate to [Platform_Check] section and check all PlatformNameX keys. Usually platform name contain digits or/and letters without spaces. In my case, correct platform name is 1611 (in some cases, you would add leading zero to platform name). Copy these two renamed files on usb stick into Hewlett-Packard\BIOS\Current folder. That's all, emergency usb stick was created! Don't close this tool, it will be needed to modify the BIOS (step 4).
4. Modding BIOS image.
In PhoenixTool window, select Manufacturer according your model, e.g. HP (or Other, if your model not in list). wherein  Go and Advanced buttons activated. To allow modules modification, press Advanced button. Press Yes if warning message appears. In Options window, check "Allow user to modify other modules" and "No SLIC" options. Press Done.
Now we need identify module blocking wlan adapter. When inserting an unsupported wlan card, laptop is stopped booting with error message(s). Remember that message. In my case, first message was "Wireless module not supported". This text need to find into files in DUMP directory. I used Total commander 9.51. Download. Unpack files from archive to any folder. Run setup file -RSLOAD.NET-tcmd951x32_64.exe, follow installation instructions. To register TC, copy wincmd.key file to default TC installation directory (C:\totalcmd).
Navigate to unpacked BIOS image DUMP folder. In TC, press Alt+F7 (Commands->Search..). Screen appears:
"Search in" field must contain path to DUMP directory created by PhoenixTool. Check "Find text" option, enter error message, e.g. Wireless module not supported. Also check "Unicode UTF-16" option and press Start search. In my case, 3 files were found. We need an module, called like "0B250D44-BBEC-4397-BF96-B112C682FB61_1301.ROM" etc. In my case one file found (91472655-50E0-4D81-9AF6-239E6F431B8C_1113.ROM). Remember module name (91472655-50E0-4D81-9AF6-239E6F431B8C). 1113 is internal number. Go back to PhoenixTool. Press Structure button. Screen appears:
Navigate to EFI BIOS structure to find module with name 91472655-50E0-4D81-9AF6-239E6F431B8C. Module is located in one of the branches File Volume. Expand all elements in sequence. Finally module found, it located into the File Volume {7A9354d9-0468-444A-81CE-0BF617D890DF}->Compressed section (New image)->Raw section->File Volume {7A9354d9-0468-444A-81CE-0BF617D890DF}->DXE Driver {91472655-50E0-4D81-9AF6-239E6F431B8C} - StartUpMenu. Like on the screen:
To skip WLAN check, remove this module. Select the module, press Delete. Wait for deletion, then Press Exit.  Save all changes. Now may close the PhoenixTool.
5. Flash modded BIOS image. Into BIOS image folder, just run InsydeFlash.exe utility to flash the BIOS. If all done right, any wlan card should work, no warnings appear.
6. Recover BIOS. If during the modification the wrong module was accidentally deleted or the laptop still does not start (CAPS or Power indicator blinking, screen is black), you would restore original BIOS. For this: power off the laptop, insert emergency usb stick into free usb 2.0 port. Connect battery and power cord. Holding Win+B keys, press Power button (don't release Win+B keys). Caps lock is start blinking several seconds then BIOS recovery wizard screen appeared. Release keys and follow the instructions of the recovery wizard. That's all!

UPDATE. This method works fine, with the exception of i cannot enter to HP BIOS Startup Menu by pressing ESC key after power on (because this module has been deleted). But F1, F2, F9-F11 or other keys are worked. If this does not bother you, you can use it like this Smile .
Hello, I bought a wifi card for my lenovo g50-80 laptop and when I installed the card I received the message "an unauthorized wireless card was found, disconnect and remove the card" something like this, I read a lot on the internet talking about lenovo whitelist. I read the hspumanti method but I didn't understand how I get to bios.fp. I tried to use the universal bios backup, however it can't identify my bios, so I can't do the backup. Can anyone help me with this problem?

Thank you in advance!
(04-15-2020, 04:04 PM)FrontJack Wrote: Hello, I bought a wifi card for my lenovo g50-80 laptop and when I installed the card I received the message "an unauthorized wireless card was found, disconnect and remove the card" something like this, I read a lot on the internet talking about lenovo whitelist. I read the hspumanti method but I didn't understand how I get to bios.fp. I tried to use the universal bios backup, however it can't identify my bios, so I can't do the backup. Can anyone help me with this problem?

Thank you in advance!
Your bios is rewrite need a SPI-programmer+SOIC8 clip only
Check your PM

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