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HP DV7-6187cl sp55068 brick help
So I was given this laptop for free, by someone who installed a bios mod without having any idea how to recovery it.

I am not sure it can even be recovered, because no proper procedures were followed.
No backup or recovery drives. The laptop originally came with windows 7 x64 but Windows 10 is installed on the drive that was included. The other had failed. I am still unsure of the modified bios files they used, and when I received the laptop upon pressing power the cpu fan only surges. I know they installed a donovan6000 mod successfully, and made bios modification changes by disabling the onboard, and forcing the PEG option.

Okay, so at this point, I have followed the recovery for insyde bios at the top of the site, and followed the links exactly. I have also tried the methods of just putting the bin and sig files in the root directory and that seems to have given me the most success at this point.

So I have gotten the laptop to at least throw an error code of caps locks blinking twice. Seems like a normal problem, but the solutions to this problem that seemed to work for others does not work for me. Removing all power, and the cmos battery and holding down the power button for 1 minute removes the flashing lights, but the screen is still black, and the cpu fan just surges every so often.

I have also tried pressing f10 to bring up bios followed up f9 enter to reset, and f10 again to save and exit with no change.

Currently all power sources are disconnected and the cdrom is removed as I have torn it apart to check the motherboard for a cmos reset jumper. All connections are still made, and I can make any changes quickly.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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