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HP MCP61PM-HM (Nettle2) 5.27 With Unlocked Overclocking Options
Thank you to all who made this BIOS and keeping these pages alive. Windows 11 means this old thing will last another 10 years. Might even dual boot with Linux
Well all is well now! I do not know why but it all of a sudden BIOS started seeing the USB drive again! I installed windows 11 on it today and it is just out of this world awesome. I have more ram and another processor. The Nettle2 runs very well with an 89w 6000+ processor. The blinking 8 times before boot screen seems to be from the 5xxx radeon graphics card from what I have read through all these pages but I can live with it.
Hi i dont know if its useful but using phenom tweaker and memset and another third party program for cool and quiet states i was able to fully overclock any phenom II or any phenom quite a far way almost to 3.5 ghz average simply because cool and quiet was an awesome technology when it existed sure something similair is on new ryzen idk. but yeah i can link to the files if needed their is a whole bunch of programs for managig cool and quiet states outside the bios so i think someone figured it out a while ago for these cpu's anyway i overclocked with a stable vcore of 1.5 volts at 3.7 ghz for a phenom ii x3 black edition back a year ago for similair platform board was an acer m1201
The only processors that I have been successful with have been dual core 89w athlon only. I suppose your acer board was newer or just better. If the phenom II and athlon II work then I am doing something wrong because I have tried many without success and any support has fallen on deaf ears and blind eyes for me not to mention the deleted questions that I have tried to post to try and figure out where I am going wrong. Since it is just a hobby I bought 8 different processors and they all fail to boot. Since I cannot get a phenom II to boot I do not believe phenom tweaker and memset will do me any good. The old computer has been put away for now. Thinking about stuffing a new am5 board in it when they come available.
I see no worries i didnt realize it was an 89w board those ones are great and they will post with almost any cpu i also had one from an hp pavillion tower i found in dump if youd like phenom tier performance with a very modest lessening in price id recommend lga 1366 workstation or server board as they tend to have alot of hidden features in bios being the next gen early release in serve cpu form it is actually a very fast and modern platform. My super micro server is set up with 12 cores 24 threads at the moment. and to explain nothing is wrong with your bios your issue is due to vrm failing or overheating causing motherboard to trip overcurrent or overvoltage protection. I had exact same thing happen on an ASUS dual core only board when i flashed it for xeons and core 2 quads. if you want really good cpu their is an unlocked multiplier under athlon by the name of amd 5000+ black edition unlocked multiplier and you can use phenom tweaker or another OC software to control cool and quiet states i did a 4.1ghz overclock for fun with the old 5000+ black editions was sufficient lol
The athlon II and phenom II processors that I tried were all 65w so heat shouldn't have been an issue. Also the core voltages were on par but they wouldn't even post,NOTHING, just a black screen upon pushing the power button. As far as the 5000+ black edition,meh, the 6000+ 89w works as good as any other dual core for this aging machine so no sense in downgrading. Before it went to the closet I installed Windows 11 and the latest version of Ubuntu and they ran just fine on it. The computer I am typing this on has a Ryzen 9 5950x and has 16 cores and is faster than I think I will ever need but the other computers I have are for hobby so I just wanted to make it everything it could be and I did just that. Was just hoping for quad core support like was touted on the page the bios material was on. All processors I tried were 89w and under to be in spec with the board.
You know i may be leaning towards the possibility that you didnt flash it right i am also hobbyist picking at older hardware so i am going to look through it again and ill see if i can find a reason for that happening can you send me a bios dump from your motherboard when you get it out again no rush ! i also have more cpu power than i need nowadays lovely moores law is dieing lol also try the phenom ii x3 black edition ive never seen a single chip rival that in overclockability, If you would like i have a decent list of bios-mods im growing from an am1200 acer system to an ecs revision 1.0 board i flashed to 3.0 with full 125w x6 support etc etc if interested let me know ill link all my phenom based mods they work flawless i dont bother with them unless they do
I would be very interested in those bios mods. I actually doubted myself early on and reflashed the bios for a second time using the instruction to the letter. Other than no phenom II or athlon II support the board works correctly. Before the bios update an amd 5600+ was the hottest proc that would post. Since then the 6000+ 89w works so I know at least it improved a little and the bios flash should be correct. The board and entire computer for that matter have been kept climate controlled since it was new and all components on the board appear to be in very good shape. None of the caps are swollen or leaking and this was a completely untouched machine until I got it. It had never even been opened or reformatted. The original hdd in the machine dated 2007 only had 547 power cycles and he assured me that he nor anyone else had replaced the drive. I actually have known the man for years so I believe him. He believes computers are stupid and I kinda agree to a point. They are only as smart as we make them. Thank you for responding to my issue and I look forward to your links.
[quote pid="186321" dateline="1636413624"]
Try to flash with the Clear entire rom chip contents flags enabled it has mad certain mods work for me when they wouldnt apparently boot block can reside entirely in ram for quite a few reboots unless you reset cmos and or flash with overwrite bootblock etc etc and here they are coming at you ,,,,, You will want to flash this one if you get the ecs 6100pm-m2 1.0 you can flash it to the 2.0 revision no issues need to use flash writer !,,,, this one is a logo mod for acer phenom but can repost with a full phenom ii x6 support microcodes added shows up unknown model but all cores work and function as intended its an agesa mismatch error because bios is hardcoded with agesa i managed to get it to use agesa new version also but its buggy off and on but makes this cheap board from alot libraries or school computers in 2006 really fun to overclock i have personally got one sparking before and it still worked afterwards lol some of the old hardware is tough as nails it surprising it ever fails to me but their is those scenarios lol.. also if you want to know i got alot of school computers and phenom rigs cause they started going cheap when they made them obsolete with the newer instruction sets for gaming and etc. and computers are boring for the most part but its cool when you get to see something work that was never intended to work in such a way or etc etc just sparks interest and thoughts lol.... i have alot more mods than this aswell few for supermicro server and few for intel boards but i dont usually post them i just play around with it then save the modded bios for later on if someone maybe sees use for it or etc.. if you want a bios modded with microcode or simple mods i can do pretty fast so just let me know which board your working on or etc etc thanks for just being interested in it hahah it not the most exciting of topics lol
The board is a ecs mcp61pm-hm nettle2 V1.0B inside an HP A6123W desktop. I basically just play with these things for something to do. I live in the middle of nowhere. It would be nice if I knew how to modify these bios's but I am sure I would brick more than would get fixed lol. Thank you again for responding and I look forward to what you come up with.

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