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HP MCP61PM-HM (Nettle2) 5.27 With Unlocked Overclocking Options
(11-26-2019, 04:23 PM)apishion Wrote: Greetings, from the distant future!  .  Neither of my Phenoms will work with this mobo and this BIOS:  not the Phenom II X4 945, and not the Phenom X4 9600.

That is all.

Thats weird I got mine working I eventually had a chip Phenom II x4 945 working but it's been years ago I would say check the mobo is ok.
ive been trying to flash this bios on a acer t180 and keep getting the message: the program files bios-lock string does not match with your system. any ideas what i'm doing wrong?
Hello everyone I was interested in installing the bios mod, can I easily follow the post on the front page? I attach motherboard images.
Is it possible to create the usb key from windows 10 or do you need windos 7 / XP?
With this modification it is possible to mount amd Athlon 64x2 higher than 4000+?
PS: thanks in advance for the replies.
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(12-25-2009, 10:09 PM)TheWiz Wrote: OK folks, I have succesfully cracked the AMD microcode and will now make a TEST BUILD. Please only test if you have the resources to do so.

Here's the breakdown: This first should have all the microcode for the AM3 CPU's to date. because this bios is only 512K though, I wasn't able to update MEMinit.bin. so, while you can still try this one: , I have a better solution below.

This version has all the microcode and agesa patches from the next version of this board, which is the Nettle3. this means that support for all the dual cores and first gen Phenoms should be in here. Please note that the nettle2 is ONLY CAPABLE OF A MAX CPU TDP OF 89W, so you should have a CPU under 89W (which the phenoms do come in 65W., but lets test this stuff first, shall we?)

So Here's the one that adds the support from Nettle3

After looking things over, either one looks really good, so if you have the means to test, there you are. Be sure to rename to bios.bin on flash.


Hello, could you provide me with a link to download the modified file please? all the links are down and there is nowhere else to find them. Thanks.
TheWiz[Image: ECSNettle2.jpg]
For screenshots of BIOS setup, please visit

We finally have some really really exciting news. The battle for these common boards to have stable OC menus, voltage modification, Phenom II support, and a professional retail BIOS has finally come. Our most helpful members banana19 and MrTangoWhiskey have found an ABIT retail BIOS, that successfully flashes to all of the OEM boards mentioned with full control of voltage, OC, and has support for all Phenom I/II proccessors.

So before we get to specifics, a brief timeline on the modding proccess for this motherboard. This has been going on for over a year, and it has taken a lot of support and research to get this board where it should be. We originally started off modifying the HP BIOS for the board. we were able to get overclocking options from it, but the menu was very unstable and items were always floating on the screen. After about 8 months of searching for the solution within the HP BIOS, we realized that poor coding quality in the BIOS was unfixable, and it was time to find the retail fit. I had been doing research on this when a kind member on the forum pointed that this BIOS had all the goods. Its version numbers were similar, it had the same chipset (BIOS donated from ABIT board) and abit has always been known for having overclocking options. With this unlock, we have unlocked what we would see in a retail award bios. The most appealing features are control of AMD Cool and Quiet, Adjustment of CPU FSB, PhenomII support (65-95W recommended) and even setting the voltage and memory timings.

That said, what are you waiting for? Here’s what we need to get started:
1. First, we need to prepare a bootable USB to launch DOS and flash the new BIOS. To do so, download the HP USB disk format tool and install it here

2. Once installed, open the utility and select the USB to format. Below, tick the bubble for creating an MSDOS startup disk. It will then want you to point it to a DOS image folder. You will need to download and unzip this DOS image (do NOT use your own DOS image) here Once it has completed formating your drive, open up the USB in My Computer. Verify that there are only three files on the USB, making sure to unhide protected operating system files in explorer to see them. If you see three DOS files, you are ready for the next phase.

3. Now we will copy over the ABIT BIOS image as well as the flash utility. You will need download AWDFLASH and copy it over to your USB here Once awdflash has been copied over, download the Bios image and save it to your usb from here

4. Once these files have been copied over, you are ready to flash. Reboot windows, and when the BIOS screen comes up hold down Esc and select your USB to boot off of. You will then see a WIN98 splashscreen temporarily flash and you will be in DOS. Once at the prompt, type in the following command:

awdflash M613Z_19.BIN /py /sn /cc / cd /cp /wb /r

Once you type this in you should see on screen the progress of the BIOS flash. When it has finished, it will automatically restart the systen. When it does, tap the delete key to eter the BIOS. There are a couple of this that you will instantly have to do for the best results. Set Smart Fan to Auto in PC Health setup, Enable HPET Support in Advanced BIOS setup, and in the standard setup, MAKE SURE that the floppy is disabled, or it may stall windows for several odd reasons. Out of our four testers, we have all had success with this mod, each on a different board. I was a second tester for the Nettle2 and have a few more words. If you are planning to do this, I recommend backing up windows in case you have to reformat, which wasn’t that bad considering WHS backs up my data. Also, if you hear loud fan noise do not worry. First off, I am the only tester who had tis issue, but if you do have this issue then unplugging the rear system fan on the back of the case will instantly make the box silent, and colling isn’t affected. I have also made a work around for solving the fan speed issue, if you need it (which you shouldn’t) then you can hit the support forum. We are ensuring 24hr. technical support for these boards, and by become a member of Bios Mods (free) you can post on the forums with any questions.
Hi... i'm very & deeply lost overhere..., i guess i'm duplicating my message, the previous page was a graphic mess... I have an HP MCP61PM-HM Rev2.2, nothing related to "Nettle" printed on the board... I just would like to know if i can install in it a Phenom x4 9500, 'cause specs in the related HP Support site are very weak, or it's just i'm the mind weak... Sad

Thx a lot in advance for your valuable time.
HP MCP61PM-HM R 2.2 is based on Nettle 3 and not Nettle 2... should support Phenom X4 9500 out of the box. See the discussion on
www find
Thx a lot, Master Wiz. I don't know why, but if i click on *reply* all the graph interface of this page turns into a mess & i can't see where i'm typing. Sad. 'cause here i can learn from very valuable knowledge and experience.
Good evening, I installed windows 7 on this HP pavilion PC motherboard, then by mistake I started installing the original bios drivers but those drivers are for windows vista. When restarted, the PC shut down after a while. Now when I press the power button, the PC stays on for 5-6 seconds then shuts down. It doesn't even get to load the bios. I tried to disconnect the backup battery, I tried to reset with the jumpers but nothing worked. I disconnected RAM memories, hard disks and all peripherals, I left only the motherboard but the problem is always the same. I tried to change power supply but nothing. I kindly ask you to help me solve the problem, because I am convinced that the cause is just the wrong update I made to the bios.
Thanks in advance.
I flashed my bios using the instructions you have provided. It all went well . . I installed windows 11 pro after installing windows 10. My hats off to you my friend. This thread has helped me tremendously!

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