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HP Pavilion dv6-1xxx Series: Support For Q9100 & QX9300
Hi, I recently bought q9100 core2 quad CPU because HP supports said it is compatible with my notebook. Unfortunately they was wrong because with new CPU when I turn on my notebook I see:
  • blank screen
  • all leds on
  • fan always on
no rebooting just above.
I am thinking it's a bios fault - no microcode for Q9100, so I made a small research and it's what I got.
1. backup my current bios - moded f.44
2. get microcodes list from intel
3. convert microcodes to binary files
4. find T6600(old cpu) bin file
5. open both bios and microcode files in hex edit.
After this steps I see that:
[Image: 35c0qyw.png]

So it looks like I found a microcode for my old cpu in bios file(it's partially different from microcode file but maybe it's version related). I also looked in f.46 bios and it's the same as f.44. Can you tell me if I am going in good direction ? And can I safely backup bios after bad flashing on my laptop ?

I don't know if I posted in good section so sorry if not.

PS. Any help apreciated. Any further steps etc...
Thanks in advance,

Edit: I just realized that both CPUs uses the same cpuid(or I don't know something), so now the question is if my bios microcode is to old to recognise q9100.

Next edit: is it possible that hp removes support from microcode ?
Hello, sorry for bottering you again.

Can you just tell me if two different motherboards can use the same bios ?
Because I've just read on this forum that Pavilion dv7-2100 uses bios Insyde Bios F.44 - the same bios my motherboard uses
Bios is here:

I am really confused because now I really don't know why my new Q9100 is not working on my motherboard.


Edit: So in the end I was able to answer myself. Maybe it will help someone so: you can't just replace core 2 duo to core 2 quad in notebooks because if: your a/c adapter is less than 130W and it's due to more CPU and cooling power consumption. Moreover laptop producents blocks mainboards to maintain only 90W of power so even if you connect 130W adapter it will do nothing. Moreover laptop producents blocks some CPU's in bios so you can't just replace cpu.(I collected this data on various forums so correct me if I am wrong)
bonjour pourriez vous mettre le micro-code supportant le quad core dans mon bios sil vous plait ? j'ai un hp pavillion dv6 1320sf et selon mes recherches le chipset de la carte mere est compatible quad core j'aimerai mettre un core 2 quad q9000 dans mon hp
bios :
Hi guys,

I'm looking here if someone can help me mooding my bios so it can support q9100 cpu. I looked around and found that if i have a p45 chipset and as intel stated the q9100 is supported so i bought the CPU, but when i mounted in my DV6-1253cl windows did not boot.

The computer boot's without problems, i can access the bios and change stuff make it do some tests (memory and hdd tests) but when windows start it get stuck i tried to format my computer but heapens the same in windows installer, when it begins to load the software get stuck (tried windows 10, windows 8.1, windows 7, some linux distros) none of them work.

What i found so far is that my current cpu p8600 uses 25w and the q9100 uses 45w

I have a 90W power brick so that's not a problem the only alternative that i can see is to change the bios

So can someone here help me out?

I have uploaded the file 
.rar   sp52884.rar (Size: 1.94 MB / Downloads: 4)

But just in case there's a link for it too:

I really need someone to help me out with!!

Tell please S-spec of your Q9100.
(10-28-2015, 04:16 AM)DeathBringer Wrote: Tell please S-spec of your Q9100.

Hi man, thanks for the quick answer...

I did not understand your question but just in case i will put the cpu image here:
So it has CPUID=01067A and your BIOS already has latest microcodes for it. I think it's a problem of power subsystem of your motherboard.
(10-28-2015, 04:31 AM)DeathBringer Wrote: So it has CPUID=01067A and your BIOS already has latest microcodes for it. I think it's a problem of power subsystem of your motherboard.

Hmm thanks for the quick answer man... well then i don't know what to do anymore because i have a 90w power brick wich should handle the cpu... is there any way to make the mother board recive more power???
I mean voltage regulators on your motherboard, not "power brick". I think no chance to boot any quad core CPU.
(10-28-2015, 04:38 AM)DeathBringer Wrote: I mean voltage regulators on your motherboard, not "power brick". I think no chance to boot any quad core CPU.

Ohh i see!!!

well... now i should go back to my p8600 then... so SAD T_T wasted money (and i don't have much).

DeathBringer, thank you for the quick and kind answers, it's sad that i can't do anything but it heapens...

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