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HP SIM+ Positivo E4121 I3 Bios Phenix
Ajuda para desbloquear VT e opções de vídeo
Positivo E4121 i3
[url=][/url]Bios Phoenix
=/ alguem me salvaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
plzzz help-me =(
(10-16-2018, 03:16 PM)souonit Wrote: Ajuda para desbloquear VT e opções de vídeo
Positivo E4121 i3
[url=][/url]Bios Phoenix

About your requst for bios , i have some question and i meet some problem during i tried to edit it .

1.The bios you provided is dump from "universal bios backup toolkit"??
If it is ,how do you re-flash it again??? i want to know .

2.When i open the bios by PBE(phoenix bios editor) , not do any edit yet .
I test build it ,but error message shown , and old version PBE can't open it .
So , i know i only can use Phoenixtool to re-package it .

3.Okay , after period of time , i search available bios string and try edit .
Final i seems got a perfect unlock menu on emulate screen like below .
[Image: eSqLWKI.jpg]

But when i enter to Cpu Control Sub-Menu ,error occurre like below .
[Image: Eyd7b8X.jpg]

Only item "Cpu Control Sub-Menu" can't going to ,others are normal .
Original i would have gave up this sub-menu , but the VT features that you need  ,should contain in this item .

I have tried insert this item on any tab or any position ,but overflow error still appear .

Final , i wanna individually insert item "Intel® Virtualization Technology" and "VT-d Technology" on other space ,but new problem was occurred .
Phoenixtool can't re-package while  i insert these two item on anywhere ,so i stop here .

Does anyone can solve overflow error on phoenix bios??

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