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HI again people

So to start off first, my English Language isn't that bad nor good, and i hope you will understand my dillema in this thread.

I really want to get things done, and it seems that talking about the problem and waiting for someone to magically get the solution in a file form, is not really the good start.

so i want to take the chances in my own hands, but i need to know WHERE TO START!

As in my first, and hopefully not the last post, i described a problem im working on

and to get things done i want to understand the procedure, and all things involved to be successfull on that task.
can you please point me in the right direction on HowTo and maybe explain here some facts or give some "insider" information that will help me and possibly others (as i seen, there are alot of them) to get started doing it by themself.
As far that i understand the BIOS file is written program that tells the BIOS chip what settings it needs to initialise, configuting connected devices and making them ready for the OS and user to talk/communicate to/with them.

I also know that some manucaftures disable some options to prevent unwanted behavior, and also restrict their products from being able to do modifications to the system such as bios locking or blacklisting devices/whitelisting devices.
And in that direction i am interested to get the knowledge and some explanation.
For the BIOS file itself, having all those informations in it there, there has to be a way to be able to modify the file and get the results needed.

PLEASE correct me if i am wrong.

If i download the newest BIOS file from lets say HP site (as im currently trying to do this proces for my quite good laptop) and have that one file on my PC. i must have the possibillity to open it, view it, and modify it somehow, then save it in the same type after changes have been made, and the normally flash the Chip.

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