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Lenovo IdeaPad Firmware (BIOS) Versions
I realize that this may not be the best place to post this, however (Update: Thanks to @TheWiz for redirecting this thread to the General forum.)
I hope that these can help others.
I had found most of these by trial-and-error, by manually specifying files from Lenovo's servers.

I'll be glad for any additions to the list.

100-15IBD          100-15IBY          300-15IBR          300-15ISK          700-15ISK

E0CN23WW       CCCN19WW      C9CN46WW       D5CN28WW       E5CN52WW
Changelog         Changelog        Changelog          Changelog         Changelog

E0CN61WW      CCCN21WW       C9CN47WW       D5CN29WW       E5CN56WW
Changelog        Changelog         Changelog          Changelog         Changelog

                                                                        D5CN44WW       E5CN61WW
                                                                        Changelog         Changelog


If the firmware version is listed, but not linked, that means that I am aware of that firmware's existence, however I have not yet managed to find it's filename.

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