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Lenovo X250 newest bios.. mod no longer possible?
Updated my X250 to latest bios:

I think maybe I shouldn't have done so. Hap bit set and all region unlock went fine. But every time I try to replace or edit a module I get 5 beeps and no start.

For instance I did advanced menu.

I changed 04 32 0B 48 3C C2 E1 4A BB 16 A7 3F AD DA 47 5F to 77 8B 1D 82 6D 24 96 4E 8E 10 34 67 D5 6A B1 BA inside 32442D09-1D11-4E27-8AAB-90FE6ACB0489_SystemFormBrowserCoreDxe, replaced the body of the module in UEFI tool. Overall checksums/size did not change but have the same issue.

I tried to apply modules by themselves too and beeps + shutdown ensues.

I believe many people in that post had success with the method and I verified the address for the advanced menu inside the bios modules. 

Dump is here:

Seems like tripping security prevents the computer from posting now and the security bits are RSA signed. Thoughts?
Maybe this will help somebody too:

This bios unfortunately signs all volumes with the same key however. Attempts to patch had failed.

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