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New Members Say Hi Here
hello people. new here, came to learn alot of stuff hopefully i dont make a fool of myself Smile been reading alot and hopefully i can contribute to the forum.

thanks guys
Hello to all. looks like this thread needs some new hype, so here I am, lol. Came across this site either last night or the night before...something like that,lol. But was trying to overclock my desktop, but my stupid castrated oem bios wouldnt give me a chance. So I came here and now my desktop is running with the modded bios supplied here, and it's overclocked and runs great. The thread where i found them here even gave me a real in-depth set of instructions. This place and the makers and workers involved here are awesome in my book. Thanks alot.

Don't get Angry be patient, have some intestinal fortitude and drive on.
Hey, found this site a few months back, after trying to get a new cpu running on my laptop. Gave up and sold the chip (got a really good deal, so even with paying for shipping, made a bit of money). But I'm running into some instability issues I'm blaming my cpu, so thinking about trying again. Though I'd create an account and learn from you guys.
I did manage to unlock the new version of the bios (the original one wasn't locked, but after updating I lost most of my limited options), running it right now, so I posted it up for any one else with an MSI GT735 Smile

I'm broke, but I try.
Hey all.
I've found these forums while looking for a way to change the vcore on my Alienware. Hope one of the skilled guys inhere can help me out. It's nice to see there are so many people interested in this subject that there's a forum about it.
Speak to you soon.

I am the guy who overclocks his dell Smile

great place here.
Hello,I'm sdal, new member,hey there.
O hai! New here. Just dropped by to say hi from Greece Smile
Hi Everyone !

Hoping to learn and share what little I know. Happy Bios Modding ! Also maybe I get lucky and some one proficient cracks the T7400 Dell Bios !
Best bang for the buck in an old computer. Dell 490 is not bad either with the last revision board ! They make great Boat Anchors also these Dells. Use one in my bedroom. Holds up the lamp real well !
hi guys Smile

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