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Phoenix BIOS (Samsung R509) - Fan Speed Mod
Hi there,

this old Samsung laptop got announced positively back then, because of its silent fan.
But thanks to this silent fan the machine runs quite hot when playing HD videos or trying to play decent games.

It wont shut down, but the fan will just spin at one speed...constantly. No matter how hot the graphic/CPU gets.

I tried all the tools, none of them could even discover the fan. I even send a report to the SpeedFan author, full of hope hes still active.

So I ended up googling without many additional infos...and stopped here again. [Image: smile.gif]

Another forum came up with the "SAFC (Samsung Advanced FAN Control) v1.1a, which is either a fake or indeed an internal Samsung tool. Any further infos about this ?


The BIOS can be downloaded here :
Have you tried using this tool with any success?

I can try to take a look at the BIOS and see if I can find anything related to fan speed.
I seem to be having trouble extracting your BIOS from the EXE file.

Try using this tool to backup a rom of your bios directly and upload it as an attachment.

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