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[REQUEST] Asus TUF FX506LI full unlock
In fact ,i can't fully understand and what's meaning from your description , it's hard to read.
Have you find the cmos circuit? something or pins do you short circuit on the motherboard? Before you do clear cmos ,you should unconnected all power cord and battery ,or there large chance to broken the motherboard.

If you can't process it ,send machine to asus service center is the best choice for you. According to the warranty rule ,asus should make a free repair for your laptop. Good luck!

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Hi i just speak with asus and now woth gpvernment becouse yestarsay i start feel in my mouth heavy metal. I didnt kiss laptop and didnt tpuch and today i touch again laptop and again metal in my mouth laptop is open. This is first case that happend. Beware in california there is law that this is toxic. What need to write in this photo i cant attach here photo
In the momemt cant find it. Question how without cmos battery they safe it. I try this less than 40 sec. And still dont work.

I'm not a motherboard engineer or familiar with circuit ,but i know the feature of cmos battery is provide power to south bridge and cmos circuit when the machine is turn off, so it can keep the bios settings value.

So ,try to unconnected motherboard battery and power cord for a long time ,maybe it's a method ,if you feel it didn't contains a cmos battery.
But i think it should has.

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Hello! Basically just want an unlocked BIOS so I can use the throttlestopper to undervolt my cpu since this is a new laptop and it gets pretty hot and from my knowledge I can make it significantly undervolted while achieving slightly less performance, which I'm okay with. Thank you in advance. Cheers.

I can help you out to edit this bios and unlock most of useful options in the bios. And i would tell how to activate Throttlestop ,but i will also tell you what a weird problems you will fact later.

1. Disable CFG Lock and Overclocking Lock in the bios ,then you could activate the Throttlestop. (Intel XTU need "XTU Interface" enable )

2. But on newer bios version , after the machine shut down  then you turn it on again , option Overclocking Lock will be enable automatically then the Throttlestop would be unavailable again.
So ,it means that you need to re-set the CFG Lock and Overclocking Lock every boot up or re-boot to activate Throttlestop. I didn't know how to solve this issue yet.

3. Currently you could do a little undervolt under Advanced => Voltage Configuration.(It has maximum restiction at -80mv)

4. Before we start the bios modification ,please disable Bitlocker at first.

5.  Please make a bios dump with this tool then attach this file.(Run dump.bat as administrator)

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Thank you very much for the quick reply.
That information about throttlestop is very useful. Did you mean going to "Advance>Voltage configuration" - inside the ThrottleStop application or somewhere in Windows?
And I am familiar with overclocking/undervolting on my main machine, so if this is the case I would just undervolt the CPU and the GPU a little bit in the BIOS itself.
"4. Before we start the bios modification ,please disable Bitlocker at first." - how and where do I do that, if you don't mind guiding me through this.
5. Here is the BAT Dump file as you requested:
Was not able to attach the file here so here is the link to it on the Mega server:

1. Advanced => Voltage Configuration is in the bios.
2. Please search how to disable Bitlocker thyself in the internet , im not a laptops user.
3. I can't see any files attached.

I will offline now ,it's 01:30 A.M. now.

My page>>>click
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No problem I will look it up and disable it myself.
I have attached a link with the dump file, I couldn't attach it here for some reason.
Have a goodnight, let me know if there is anything else I need to do whenever you come back online.


Here is the link to the Dump File:

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