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[REQUEST] Asus eee PC 1001PX / R101 Recover on Power Loss
Hi all,

I'm new here and came across this forum while googling and looking for options to mod the BIOS of a 1001PX/R101. 

Just to put a bit of context, I had on of these 1001px laying around and have recycled the mobo to be my home router using OpenWRT. I removed the internal mini PCI-E wlan card, and bough a dual gigabit port realtek mini PCI-E card. It works like a charm and performs well, but it doesn't have the "Recover on Power Loss" option on the BIOS so it turns automatically on after a power outage. 

Is there any way to add this setting to the BIOS ? Can anybody point me to the right direction ? 

Right now running the latest version from the website


Thanks in advance !!

I've managed to open the stock bios (it took me a while, I don't have any Windows box at home) with AMIBCP 3.13, but unfortunately the Power Management tab/module isn't there. I've seen though that in the strings the handlers actually appear:

0x0383 -> Restore on AC Power Loss
0x03D4 -> Restore on AC Power Loss

Is there any way to actually force that handler to a specific value so this motherboard always gets powered on on a Power Loss ? 

Thanks !

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