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[REQUEST] Dell Inspiron 14R N4010 uEFI BIOS unlock
Hello World...

First time poster here, so forgive me for the newbie question.

I would like to enable uEFI booting on my Dell Inspiron 14R (N4010).   I am running the stock A13 Dell Bios.

I've searched around the forum and found the following post regarding the same laptop.  The user posts two modded bios files (A10 and A13).   The user was trying to enable platform thermal configuration menus and was sugessful, but says nothing about uEFI.  His modded A13 file claims "...All unlocked settings" so I am going to assume this also included the uEFI options.

I have downloaded the A13 file and uncompressed it.  The output was a single file: BIOSa13_SLIC.wph

Soooo for the newbie question.

 - How do I flash this modded bios to my laptop....what utility do i need to use?

I have flashed modded bios on another laptop before but that file came prepackaged as a batch file (.bat)

Thanks in advance.


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