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[REQUEST] Lenovo ThinkCentre M81 & M91p and ThinkStation E30 (9HKTxxA) Whitelist Removal
(01-16-2019, 10:07 AM)fbmoose48 Wrote: Can someone provide me the bios with a modified gpu whitelist for the Lenovo m91p? My current bios version is 9HKT58AUS or 9HKT58A

did you find the lenovo modded bios to remove the gpu whitelist ? because im searching for that to ... thanks
The Lenovo White list subject is solved and working...
Its just teh Dev id in the graphics card that needs to be altered...
Have my Radeon 285 running fine on my M91p
Yeah , having the same problem. Bought a cheap RX 570 and my M91p (tower) goes blank when I install the card. My current BIOS is 9HKT58AUS. Is there a "fixed" BIOS available for download somewhere?

Athem92 wrote, "i was able to boot up my lenovo m81(is6xm rev 1.0 mobo) with rx 470,"

Speedcat5 wrote, "after setting PCI Rom priority to legacy, as suggested by @Athem92 it worked!"

My English is very poor and I use a translator.

I have a LENOVO Thinkcentre M91, without "P", and I want to install a Fujitsu NVIDIA Geforce 605 graphics card. However, after installation, the screen remains black and I can not even see the BIOS. Now I tried with some instructions on the Internet to modify the BIOS with the program AMIBCP. Unfortunately I had no success with it.

I hope you can help me so that I can get the graphics card to work. Is there any way to remove the list completely so that I can eventually change the graphics card later?

(03-05-2021, 06:16 PM)hello76 Wrote:

Athem92 wrote, "i was able to boot up my lenovo m81(is6xm rev 1.0 mobo) with rx 470,"

Speedcat5 wrote, "after setting PCI Rom priority to legacy, as suggested by @Athem92 it worked!"

This does not work for very many cards.  As they posted later in the thread, he got lucky and had a radeon 4xx series card that will install the correct driver even if it detects the wrong id.  This does not work for anything newer or any nvidia cards.

I have an old GT430, GTS 450, and a newer rx550 and none of them work.
  • Hi there, I have patched DeviceID with id from HD7770 which was compatible with M81/M91. I used SRBPolaris program to patch the rom image for XFX RX570 4GB, the graphics has dual BIOS so in case of failure you can revert the factory BIOS back. I'm playing with this card on my M91p for almost three years with no problem, the driver works just fine with Windows 10. 
[Image: attachment.php?aid=23884]

Patched ROM 
.zip   ZA£ (Size: 108.16 KB / Downloads: 0)
Nonpatched standard ROM 
.zip (Size: 108.14 KB / Downloads: 0)

The graphics is correctly recognised by system as RX570.        

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