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[REQUEST] Lenovo ThinkPad W520 (8BETxxWW) Whitelist Removal
I also have a W520. I am running the latest bios version 1.46.

I am trying to install a newer intel HWC 7260 AC. However, I am having a problem getting a whitelisted bios.

Has anyone got a copy of the latest whitelisted modded bios 1.46 for the W20, please respond
(11-08-2016, 02:36 PM)Dudu2002 Wrote:
(11-08-2016, 12:36 PM)eddi1984 Wrote: Manufacturer: Lenovo
Motherboard Model: Thinkpad W520 (4276-39U)
Bios Revision: 1.43
Bios Release Date: Nov 6, 2016 (latterly days ago)
whitelist removal
Unblocked AES-NI
Unblocked advanced menu
Unlocked memory speed
Unblocked AES MSR 0xE2
new vbios Intel 2119
16Gb + eGPU solved
I would verymuch like access to the v1.46 version of this bios or rather the password to download it. I'm happy to pay for it if it works. Maybe an old laptop can learn a new trick or two!!
Hi all !
I would verymuch like access to the v1.46 version of this bios to.
Could U please help me with the password to download it ?
Ok I am after my BIOS update (1.43)
It looks great at first gleams.
My ram runs at 1600 instead of 1300, I am able to set up few more things in advanced menu.
But my system is overall slower, and it's not only my feelings. Render times are longer, firefox cuts on youtube !
Did you experience anything like this ? Could someone please help me to solve this issue ?
Im thinking flash back to original lenovo bios.
Lenovo W520
I know this is a very old laptop, but wonder if there is still anyone around who can do this.
I've searched this site and found some threads, but they are all very old.
sovern and camiloml don't seem to be active anymore.

My BIOS info:
BIOS version: 8BET41WW  (1.21)  2011-03-30
Embedded Controller version:  8AHT31WW (1.13)
Model:  428224U

These are links to the latest BIOS updates which are Version 1.46

I don't think I would need the very latest version if there is one available which is newer than mine.
This one is even older than mine:


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